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​With "Feud: Bette & Joan" actress Jackie Hoffman in New York (April 2017). Pictured: Jackie Hoffman as "Mamacita."

​A mention of me on Miss Hoffman's Twitter page (April 26th, 2017)
With Brook Star and Chelsea Summer, the actresses who portrayed Joan's twin daughters in "Feud: Bette & Joan" (May 2017).
​Click here to read my interview with them. In addition to the interview, the actresses were kind enough to film a promo for the website.
With the necklace worn by Crawford in the 1965 film "I Saw What You Did" (It is now owned by a private collector)
With Judy Geeson, Joan's co-star in "Berserk" (January 2018)

​With Anne Lockhart, Joan's co-star in "The Sixth Sense" ( April 2018)
With the son of former Pepsi-Cola President Herbert Barnet (April 2017) Pictured: Joan with Herbert Barnet (on left) in April 1959.

​About The Website
The Webmaster's Research​
     A large portion of my research involves first-hand contacts with those who knew and worked with Joan Crawford. Over the years I have been fortunate to meet and interview over 70 people who knew Joan first-hand; from her dog groomer, to her last co-stars. Below are a few highlights of my Crawford research adventures. 

​With Kelly Jean Peters, Joan's co-star in "The Sixth Sense" (May 2017)

​With Terry Castle, the daughter of director William Castle, at her home in Los Angeles, California. (February 2019)

​An autographed photo to commemorate my interview with Bruce Dern, who worked with Joan on "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."

With Anne Helm, the actress originally hired to portray Joan's daughter in "Strait-Jacket." Helm was replaced by Diane Baker. (November 2018)

With Tim Matheson, who co-starred with Joan in her guest appearance on "The Virginian" in 1970 (November 2018)

A "Strait-Jacket" lobby card Helm autographed to me. "To Bryan, Almost there, Anne Helm."

An autographed copy of Don Bachardy's book "Stars In My Eyes," to commemorate my interview with Mr. Bachardy at his home in May 2018.
Mr. Bachardy sketched Joan in February 1974.

​With Jackie Hoffman in Los Angeles, California after a performance of her show "Memoircita" (May 2018)

An autographed photo to commemorate my interview with former New York Channel 2 reporter Trish Reilly, whom Joan befriended in 1975.

An autographed copy of Peter Roger's book "What Becomes A Legend Most? The Blackglama Story" to commemorate my meeting with Rogers. 
("For Bryan, with best wishes and fun to meet, Peter"​) Pictured: Rogers with Joan in 1972.