"Crawford: The Last Years" written by Carl Johnes is one of the best biographies on Joan Crawford, the person.
It's written from the first-hand account of one of Joan's friends during her life in the mid to late 1970s.

     While Johnes' friendship with Joan Crawford may not have been anything out of the usual from many of the friendships Crawford maintained with people during this period of time, I have talked with many people who knew her during this time period and I have discovered time and again that Carl Johnes was an excellent historian on his correlation with Crawford​​.​

    This autobiography of Johnes and Crawford's association with each other is a warm and truthful glimpse into Crawford's final years.
For these reasons, I felt it is a book that all Crawford fans should read, and have therefore made it available here for all.​​​

     Presented here for the purpose of education and research.​​

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