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​​​The Joan Crawford Archive

Professional Documents

​Contracts & Documents
(Film, television, likeness, representation)​

Film Wardrobe

Wardrobe Sketches
Debunking Joan Crawford Myths and Rumors

"The Buccal" Rumor 
(Debunks the rumor that Joan had her molars removed early in life)

Joan's Year of Birth​​ 
(Exhibits evidence that 1906 is Joan's year of birth; abolishes 1904 as a possible birth year)

​Face-lift Rumor
(Exhibits evidence that Joan did not have a face-lift)
"The Raging Star" - The "Authorized Biography" Claim 
(Documentation abolishing Charles Castle's claim that his biography was authorized by Joan)

​"Four Fabulous Faces" - Joan's Photo Removal
(The Story of the unflattering photo Joan disliked, and extracted from copies of this book)​​

Rumored Television Appearances​
(​Alleged television appearances whereby Joan did not participate)

Leeza Gibbons Never Owned Joan's House​ 
(Debunks the claim that Leeza Gibbons owned a house once owned by Joan)
Joan's Personal Life

Joan's Houses, Apartments and Related Locations

"Mamacita" (All about Joan's maid, Anna Marie Brinke) 

Food Recipes​

Fan Memories​​
     This section contains a vast assortment of Joan Crawford research and materials. Select a link below to explore.
Banking and Salary Documents

Bank Checks and Transparencies
 (Various years)