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​​"What Ever Happened ​To Baby Jane?"(1962)
The most infamous of Crawford's final films. This film pairs Crawford with Bette Davis, who portrays former child star "Baby Jane Hudson," who begins terrorizing her crippled former movie queen sister, Blanche (played by Crawford), after deciding to revise her old childhood act.

​​​"The Caretakers"(1963)
Crawford portrays Lucretia Terry, an out of touch head nurse of a psychiatric hospital, who's new head doctor attempts to change the hospitals outdated methods of patient treatment.


Directed by William Castle, Crawford portrays "Lucy Harbin,"
​a newly-released asylum patient who killed her husband and his mistress 20 years earlier with an ax. After Lucy's release, new ax murders begin occurring in Lucy's vicinity.

"I Saw What You Did"(1965)
Crawford portrays the noisy neighbor of a man who has just murdered his wife, and sets out to kill teenagers who he thinks are witnesses to his crime.

Portraying the owner of a British traveling circus, Crawford finds herself at the center of suspicion when a series of murders besieges the circus' performers.

In her final screen performance, Crawford portrays a British anthropologist who has discovered what she perceives to be the missing link. ​While attempting to study the creature, she also finds herself harassed by the local township, who want the creature destroyed.

​​Joan Crawford Films​ (Post 1960)

This section provides an in-depth description of the final films of ​Joan Crawford.
​​Including the film's production timeline, promotional ​materials, ​box office ​​​records, ​and backstory of the production.