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April 1966 U.K. Interview

​     This is a 35 minute B&W unedited interview of Joan Crawford during a visit she made to the UK for Variety Clubs International in April of 1966.
​     Joan is interviewed one on one and covers her entire career. She is very candid about her childhood, and gives a large amount of insights (never before heard) regarding filming "Possessed" and several other films.
     ​She blatantly declares “No more horror films” and then takes credit for setting up the entire “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” deal.

     ​The interview was shot in 10 minute takes ( due to the length of the roll of film) and it is fascinating to see Joan become candid in between takes and before the interview picks up again, and then watch her switch into “on” mode for the interview to begin again.

     ​As always it is completely absorbing to see Crawford at this point in her life and her later career.
     This was taken out of deep freeze and transferred from the master reel, so it is of the highest quality possible.
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