​​The Joan Crawford Footage Club Fund Bank​
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A fan club dedicated to researching, preserving and making available to fans lost Joan Crawford footage.​​
Contact the club organizer/president at: CrawfordTV@hotmail.com​​​​.
Disclaimer: "The Joan Crawford Footage Club" is not operated by "The Concluding Chapter Of Crawford" or it's webmaster.
This club page is provided as a service by the website for Joan Crawford fans, and in the interest of continued research of Joan Crawford​​.
     All sales, pledges and communications regarding "The Joan Crawford Footage Club" is between that individual and the club's organizer,
​"Billie Cassin", who can be contacted at CrawfordTV@hotmail.com
​​What is the “Joan Crawford Footage Fund Bank”?:

     ​It is a 10% monetary collection, like an origination fee, taken for each footage item being put into the club library for the first time.
     ​In short, it is a fund for fans to voluntarily contribute to that will then be used for the benefit of ALL Joan Crawford fans.
​The fund balance will be made public at all times on the club page and will serve 2 purposes:

1. It will be used to pay for Joan Crawford items for all fans to enjoy regardless of ability to pay and regardless of whether or not they are in the club.
​ These items will then have their exclusive premiere on "The Concluding Chapter of Crawford" website.

     ​It also allows fans to notify the club president of discoveries, who can then use the fund to obtain the item without the need for a pledge drive.

     The fund will also be used to pay for discoveries made by, and paid for, by other Crawford fans to premiere on the website without the need for a pledge drive. Because items discovered and paid for by this fund will be premiered publicly on the website, they fall outside of the non-disclosure confidentiality agreement of club members.

2. Funds will be used to pursue legal action against members who violate the non-disclosure confidentiality agreement signed by them.
​Proceeds from such legal actions would go into the fund after attorney fees.

​Note: ​If you have no intention to sell, trade, post or disseminate the item, this aspect of the fund should not concern you.
- $5,000






Current Footage Fund Bank Amount: