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​The Joan Crawford Footage Club

A fan club dedicated to researching, preserving and making ​available to ​fans lost Joan Crawford ​footage.​​
Contact the club organizer/president at:​​
     For over 17 years, Joan Crawford researcher "Billie Cassin" as discovered and brought to fans an enormous amount of the Joan Crawford footage we enjoy today.
The majority of this footage has now become readily available on websites such as Youtube, and bootlegged on online auctions sites, and sold/traded through "backdoor deals".

     Due to the easy accessibility of this material, we often take for granted the heavy amount of research, work and costs associated with discovering lost Joan Crawford footage.

     Websites such as those mentioned above have ravaged the efforts of lost Crawford footage researchers such as "
Billie Cassin", being that in many instances, those who purchase these footage items quickly copy and sell the footage, or post it online.
     Sadly, this practice is often committed by those claiming to be Joan Crawford fans. However, what these fans do not realize is that such actions halt and hinder further Crawford footage discoveries. Being that when a footage item is discovered, purchased and transferred, it can easily cost the researcher well into the thousands.

     Researchers such as "
Billie Cassin" make available the discovered footage by offering it for sale (at a very reasonable amount) on eBay and on "The Concluding Chapter Of Crawford" in the For Sale section.
Selling copies of the footage is not done so for-profit, it is to recoup the costs associated with obtaining the footage, and also to cover the costs associated with obtaining new footage.

     Due to the excessive amount of fans copying the footage and selling/trading it through "backdoor deals" and posting it freely online, the discovery of new Crawford footage has unfortunately slowed.

     The purpose of this Footage Club is to reverse the adverse effects of the slow-down of bringing forth new Joan Crawford footage discoveries, and to preserve forgotten Crawford footage before it is forever lost or destroyed. 

     As fans, we have only scratched the surface of the lost footage of Joan Crawford that is in deep-freeze archives around the world. Let's begin the process of unlocking these hidden treasures!