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May 1968 Interview

​     This interview is approximately 6 minutes, however, within that short time, a lot of interesting ground is covered, and very much to the point.
     Joan talks about her famous "Joan Crawford Dip" and very gently, and indirectly, criticizes the interviewer for not preparing it correctly and per Joan's recipe. "Berserk" is mentioned throughout, and Joan resents a comment the interviewer makes regarding the films Joan starred in during the 60s, and adamantly defends "Baby Jane" as a "drama".

     The interview was recorded in Beverly Hills, California only a few days following Joan's no infamous "drunk" interview at LAX airport.
In this continuation of Joan's Los Angeles visit, she does seem to still be on pain killers for her broken ankle and is seated in a wheelchair throughout the interview.

     This interview is definitely one of Joan's more interesting ones!





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