Parkway Motel - Hal LeSueur's Home (Circa 1963)​
1212 S. Alvarado Street, Los Angeles, California ​90006

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     At the time of his death, Joan's brother Hal was living in a motel room at the Parkway Motel in Los Angeles, and worked approximately one mile away at the Royal Viking Motel. Click here to read about and view photos of the Royal Viking Motel.

     The Parkway Motel was built in 1957, and has undergone a few changes over the years. The pool has been removed, and the motel is now called the Casa Bella Inn.​​
(Below are vintage photos of the Parkway Motel as it appeared when Hal lived at the motel)
(Below are contemporary photos of the motel as it appears today as the Casa Bella Inn)