"The Name Of The Game" - Episode: "A Capitol Affair"

Status: Completed (Aired February 12, 1971) - Replaced by Mercedes McCambridge

Character: Veronica Stuart

Character Summary: "Veronica Stuart" is a Washington D.C. gossip columnist and political powerhouse who orchestrates a smear campaign against a promising Government official.

Joan's involvement in the production:​
     In early December 1970, Joan signed-on to portray Washington D.C. gossip columnist "Veronica Stuart" in the episode "Potomac Fever," later renamed "A Capitol Affair."
     Filming was scheduled to begin on December 14th, 1970 on the Universal Studios lot in Los Angeles, California. The other guest stars included Larry Hangman and Susanne Pleshette
     On December 11th, Joan unexpectedly backed out of the project due to 'illness' and Mercedes McCambridge was hired to replace Joan during the week of December 21st, 1970.

     Before Joan's unexpected decision to not film "The Name Of The Game," she and her daughter Christina had been promoted together in publications that they would be working on the same studio lot (Universal) at the same time, with Christina filming an episode of "Ironside" ( episode: "A Lesson in Terror").

     To remain neutral and to give extra insight into this missed project, I have included with this entry a few details from Christina Crawford's book "Mommie Dearest".
     In "Mommie Dearest" Christina claims she was evicted from Joan's Fountain Avenue apartment via a telephone call from Joan's secretary, Betty Barker. This would have been in late 1970.
According to Christina's story in"Mommie Dearest", she was instructed to vacate the apartment due to Joan arriving in Los Angeles to film a television show, however later backed out of filming.
Gathering from the confirmed dates of Joan's schedule for "The Name of The Game", and Christina's alleged eviction from Joan's Fountain Avenue apartment, this is undoubtedly the television show Christina is speaking of in "Mommie Dearest".

*Webmaster's note: I have included this information from "Mommie Dearest" as to supply the readers with the most comprehensive information I can obtain. The additional information from "Mommie Dearest" may explain why Joan backed-out of "The Name of The Game," being that Christina also contends in her book "No Safe Place" that Joan backed-out of "Return To Peyton Place" in December 1960 due to Christina working on the 20th Century Fox lot at the same time that Joan would have been filming "Return To Peyton Place."
​I will leave it to the readers' discretion to form their own conclusion from the information at hand.


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