"The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"

​​Status: Completed (replaced with Greer Garson). Aired on October 8th, 1967 (originally slated to air on November 5th, 1967).
​Character: Herself; George Washington's mother (skit); Commentator (skit)

Joan's involvement in the production
     Joan signed her contract in July 1967 to begin filming of this episode in late August 1967. However, in mid-August Joan canceled her appearance.
  According to Tom and Dick Smothers, Joan did not like that the script called for her to play a "queen" in a skit because Bette Davis had already played a queen in a skit on the show during the previous season.​ However, upon reading the script, no where is it mentioned that Joan was to portray a "queen." Of the two skits Joan was to appear in, she was to portray George Washington's mother in one skit, and been the commentator of men's hairstyles in the other. ​Joan was replaced in the episode with actress Greer Garson.
     Joan's introduction on the episdoe was to be an entire song pertaining to her association with Pepsi-Cola.​
     ​Prior to her cancellation, Joan had scheduled a 10-day trip to Los Angeles, California for the show's taping, with the expected arrival date of August 16th.​​

     Click here to read the complete script of this episode.


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