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     This section is dedicated to chronicling ​Joan Crawford's involvement with the Pepsi-Cola company. Including; a chronological listing of detailed information regarding each plant dedication ceremony Crawford attended, her involvement as a director of the board of Pepsi-Cola and her association with the company's executives. 

     This section also provides an in-depth study of the Pepsi-Cola company, and it's executives as it existed during Crawford's involvement with the company.

Analysis Of Joan Crawford's Role With Pepsi-Cola (Coming Soon)

Pepsi-Cola Company History (1955-1977) (Coming Soon)

​​​Pepsi-Cola Plant Dedication Ceremonies:

Pepsi-Cola Executives​​​​​​: (Coming Soon)
  • Alfred N. Steele​
  • Herbert L. Barnet
  • Mitchell Cox
  • James B. Somerall
  • Donald Kendall​
Please note this section is under intense construction as continued content is being implemented onto the site.