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​​​Pepsi-Cola Bottling Plant Dedications Ceremonies

February 26th: Miami, Florida
March: Acapulco, Mexico
Early April: Belgium
July 18th: San Antonio, Texas
October 29th: Birmingham, Alabama​

May 6th: Burlington, North Carolina
May: Mexico City, Mexico​
May 27th: Fort Smith, Arkansas​
July 29th: Petersburg, Virginia
July 30th: Dallas, Texas
December 3rd: Rio de Janeiro​​, Brasil
Unknown date: Lima, Ohio​

July 9th: Cicero, New York
​September 27th: Marion, Virginia​​​

April 19th: Lima, Ohio
​April 26th: Johnson City, Tennessee
September 20th: Marion, Illinois

​September 27th: Toledo, Ohio​​​​
October 29th: Houston, Texas
​Unknown date: Miami, Florida​

January: São Paulo, Brazil
​May: Copenhagen, Denmark
May 16th: Sedalia, Missouri​

June: ​​Puerto Rico, Brazil
June: Missouri
June: ​Erie, Pennsylvania
December 5th: Dallas, Texas (Metropolitan Bottling Plant)​

June 5th: Valdosta, Georgia​​​
June 12th: Ventura, California

May 13th: Sacramento, California​​​

Below is a chronological listing, and location, of Pepsi-Cola bottling plant dedication ceremonies Joan Crawford attended​.​
Click the hyperlinked date/location to see currently available news articles, photos and promotional material of that plant's dedication.

April 21st: Salina, Kansas​​​

April 15th: Ottawa, Kansas
May 2nd: Greensboro, North Carolina
May 17th: Chicago, Illinois​
September 19th: Rockville, Maryland​​
October 8th: Muncie, Indiana​
June 19th: Anderson, Indiana
December 3rd: Cincinnati, Ohio​

January 30th: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
​May 19th: ​Louisville, Kentucky
​May 21: Omaha, Nebraska
October: Bangor, Maine​

Early January: Italy
April 28th: Santa Rosa, California​
May 10th: Kansas City, Missouri​
​September 23rd: ​Salt Lake City, Utah
December 10th: Gainesville, Florida​

March: Orlando, Florida
​June: Milan, Italy
June: Geneva, Switzerland
June: Lausanne, Switzerland​
September 22nd: Salt Lake City, Utah (National Beverages Inc.)​

March: Nassau, The Bahamas
May: Madrid, Spain
September 12th: Ogdensburg, New York​
September 14th: Robinson, Illinois
October 17th: Cheverly, Maryland​
​December 13th: Muncie, Indiana​​

April 2nd: Tulsa, Oklahoma
April 26th: San Diego, California
​August 29th: Windsor, Connecticut
October 3rd: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada​
October 25th: New Orleans, Louisiana

February 29th: Corpus Christi, Texas
April 25th: Tupelo, Mississippi​
April 26th: Nashville, Tennessee (Beaman Bottling Plant)
October 17th: Beaumont, Texas
Late-October: Raleigh, North Carolina

April 10th: Charlotte, North Carolina
May 8th: Paducah, Kentucky​
October 23rd: Marysville, Ohio
October 30th: Rochester, New York​
December 5th:​ Dallas, Texas (Pepsi-Cola Frito-Lay Plant)