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​​Joan Crawford Script Covers
Copies of original Joan Crawford film scripts (in some cases only the cover)​.
(Scripts are listed in chronological order by the date of the film's production)​

Click here to read available Crawford scripts​​.
​"The Unknown" Story by Tod browning, Scenario by Waldemar Young
(Draft: "First Temporary" - January 27th, 1927)
​"Letty Lynton" Adapted by John Meehan & Wanda Tuchhock from the novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes
(Draft: "Complete" - February 2nd, 1932)

​"The Gorgeous Hussy" Screenplay by Ainsworth Morgan from the novel by Samuel Hopkins Adams
(Draft: "Temporary Complete" - October 28th, 1935)​

"Ice Follies Of 1939" Story by Leonard Praskins
(Draft: "Temporary Incomplete" - September 10th, 1938 revision of prior August 6th, 1938 draft)​

​"Susan & God" Screenplay by Anita Loos from the play by Rachel Crothers
(Draft: Undated)​​

​"Above Suspicion" 
(Draft: "Complete" - September 11th, 1942)​

​"Mildred Pierce" Screenplay by Katherine Turney from the novel by James M. Cain
(Draft: "Revised Temporary" - August 11th, 1944​)

​"Female On The Beach" (Working title "Female On The Town") Screenplay by Robert Hill
(Draft: Undated)​

​"Female On The Beach" Continuity & Dialogue by Robert Hill and Richard Alan Simmons
(Draft: May 11th, 1955)

​"What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" Screenplay by Lukas Heller from the novel by Henry Farrell
(Draft: Final - Undated)​ - Click here to read the script in it's entirety.

"Strait-Jacket" Screenplay by Robert Bloch
(Draft: "Revised Final Draft" - June 3rd, 1963)​
​"Humoresque" Screenplay by Clifford Odets & Zachary Gold from the novel by Fannie Hurst
(Draft: "Revised Final" - December 15th, 1945​)
Also pictured is the script's principal character's summaries​ and Joan's personal leather-bound copy of the script.

​"Dance, Fools, Dance" adaption by Aurania Rouverol
(Draft: "Complete" - October 31st, 1930)
​"Today We Live" 
(Dialogue Cutting Continuity manuscript - April 8th, 1933)

​"Flamingo Road" 
(Director Michael Curtiz's Personal Bound Copy)