"Art Linkletter's House Party"
Duration: 30 minutes 
Premiered: January 22nd, 1968​

Episode synopsis:
     ​Joan begins her appearance by talking with Linkletter about her career with Pepsi-Cola and her film career. She also discusses her children. Linkletter then moves on to his "Kids Say The Darnest Things" segment. ​

Webmaster's note: After reviewing this appearance, Joan sounds nervous and inebriated. This television appearance was made during a period of time when Joan was notorious for appearing in public, and on television, while under the influence of alcohol. This appearance, if recorded live, which was customary for "Art Linkletter's House Party," was two days following Joan having filmed her scenes for ​"The Lucy Show." During Joan's filming of "The Lucy Show," Joan was reportedly drinking during rehearsals and appears inebriated at various points throughout the episode.

     ​​According to Joan Crawford historian "Billie Cassin," this exists today only in audio format.​​​

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