​​​"Blue Denim"​​(Film Trailer) 
Broadcast Date: July 1959
Synopsis: Joan promotes the film "Blue Denim" in this trailer presented to theater audiences. Joan narrates the synopsis as scenes are shown from the film. The film is about a teenage couple who experience issues when the girl becomes pregnant. 
 ​"Hello, in a few moments you will see scenes from a motion picture who's subject matter is of utmost importance for every family. Especially those with young people between fifteen and twenty years of age. 20th Century Fox in accents real and unrestrained brings you the experience of two real kids of today, and treats them with their innocence and generosity for each other.
     The day before they had been friends, children, playmates. Kids in blue denim. Then suddenly they were in love. Passionately, physically with a desire for each other that knew no bounds. This is the story of the aftermath, of the awakening when Janet and Arthur had to face their problem alone. These are not juvenile delinquents, they're nice kids. Nice kids in trouble." 

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