​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Easter Seals​​(The National Society For Crippled Children)
Broadcast Date: 1960
Synopsis:​ Joan Crawford encourages viewers to donate to the Easter Seals fund for crippled children.
     "These Easter Seals recently arrived at my home, perhaps you have received some, too.
​I wonder if you realize the many ways in which Easter Seals serves those of our children who need our special help. The crippled children.
​These Seals symbolize an amazing record of human service. They help provide care and treatment so that these children can learn to walk and talk, play and laugh like other boys and girls.

     ​As parent of healthy children, as many of us are, I have four, we feel that we have even more need to respond to the held of these youngsters. They offer a road back from over one hundred crippling conditions. I'm sure you're as concerned as I am about these little boys and girls. They need our special help so they can have rich, happy, useful lives. We can all help by giving to Easter Seals. Please give generously. Thank you."​

Production: Easter "seals" were first launched to the public in 1934. The seals were placed on letters and envelopes in recognition of support for the organization The National Society For Crippled Children. Easter seals were so popular that in 1967 the organization changed it's name to "Easterseals", which is still an active organization. You can learn more about their organization, or donate via their website: ​

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