​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Community Chests of America"Through Many Windows"
Broadcast Date: Late 1947
Synopsis: ​Joan is the narrator of this public service announcement for the Community Chests Organization's "Red Feather" drive.
     The short was shown in theaters before the start of ​
     "A few weeks ago, the Community Chests of America asked me weather I'd be interested in making their annual appeal through the medium of the screen. Naturally, I was very grateful for the opportunity. ​​But I wanted to know more about the Red Feather services and what they do.
​Not only throughout the country but right here in my own neighborhood. Then, I realized that all I had to do was look out my window, or almost any window in any neighborhood in the country and I could see the Red Feather services at work.
     ​Many of these services provide care for children who need more help than their families can give them. Teenagers, too. Boys and girls are helped along the road to better citizenship by the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, and other services providing wholesome recreation and guidance.
​Elderly people are now able to spend the autumn of their lives in comfort and companionship. Other Red Feather services devoted to our health and welfare bring help to many who are unable to provide for themselves.
     ​Red Feather services go everywhere. They don't see differences of color, race or religion. They recognize the needs of people. All people as human beings. No matter who you are or how fortunate, chances are at some time or another these services have touched your life.
Remember the Red Feather, your badge of membership​, should be worn with pride. It's more than the sign of a liberal spirit, it's a symbol of citizenship. A love for your fellow American. So make your Red Feather pledge a generous one.Give with a heart as well as with a hand, for your contribution will go to the heart. The heart of this great social work for which everybody benefits."

Production: In August 1947, it was announced that Joan would film this short on behalf of the organization.
In October 1947, ​Joan was named the honorary Chairman of the Los Angeles area Community Chest Organization.
     Otto Preminger directed this short. At the time, he and Joan were filming "Daisy Kenyon"​

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