​​​​​​​​​​The Jimmy Fund (aka "At Home With Joan Crawford")​​​
Broadcast Date: 1952
Synopsis:​​ Joan Crawford encourages viewers to donate to "The Jimmy Fund" of Boston, Massachusetts.

     "[ Talking off screen to her children]
     ​Goodnight darlings. Happy dreams. God bless.​

     [ In a thinking voice over]
     ​This is our best time, the best time for all mothers and children. The moment of wonderful peace and 
contentment. Knowing your children are all cozy in bed for the night. Sometimes I wonder if we really appreciate how very fortunate we are. How truly blessed for the joy of these precious moments. For that greatest of all gifts, our children's happiness and health. For there are other mothers who no longer know such moments of peace and happiness, who may never know it again.

     [Speaking directly to the audience] ​​
     ​You can save a life. A child's life, and thank God tonight that child is not your own. You can help by giving to the Jimmy Fund. The Jimmy Fund of Boston Massachusetts.​ In a few moments, members of the theater staff will pass among you. Please give as generously as you can. Please."

Production: This commercial was sponsored by "The Variety Clubs" of New England and the Boston Red Sox. ​​
     The Jimmy Fund was founded in 1948 to raise funds for the advancement of cures against cancer in children.
​​It is still an active organization today, which you can donate to via their website:​​​
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