​​​Game Shows
​​"I've Got A Secret"
Run time: 30 minutes
Network: CBS
​​The show's premise: The objective of the show's panel is to determine the guest's "secret," which ranges from their profession, to an achievement, to where the guest lives.

First Appearance​
Premiered:​ October 23rd, 1961
Episode synopsis:
      For Joan's appearance, instead of a "secret" for the panelists to solve, she assists during an experiment of the panelists to be over-the-phone salesmen. The twist is that the merchandise the panelists are challenged to sell is damaged (a space fan missing blades, half a canary cage, two left shoes and three raincoats that are stuck together).
     The proceeds the panelists are able to sell the items for is donated to the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF).
     The panelists for this episode are: ​​​Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan and Bess Myerson.

Second Appearance
​​​​​​Premiered: May 27th, 1963
​Episode synopsis:​​​​
     ​Joan is the show's special guest, and her secret is that she is going to recite lines from a scene in the film "Queen Bee" with Joan's co-star in the film, and the show's panelist, Betsy Palmer. The objective is that Palmer isn't aware of this, and will have to rely on her own memory of the film's production to recite her lines. After the secret is revealed, the scene from "Queen Bee" is shown to the audience, followed by Joan and Palmer attempting to recite the lines. Also during Joan's appearance, it is mentioned that she will begin filming "Strait-Jacket" in June.​​
     The panelists for this episode are; Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan and Bess Myers​​on.
     Other guests who appear on this episode are: A group who have ironic names for their professions; Dr. George Brain, Texas State Treasurer Jesse James, ​​​Ice Cream maker Bill Pickle and Gas station ​attendant Deloy Fillerup. The music group "The Cornells," who's "secret" is that four of its five members have a parent who is an established celebrity. ​
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Screenshots of Joan's 1961 appearance

​Screenshots of Joan's 1963 appearance