​​​​​​​​​​"General Electric Theater" (1958)
Character: Ruth Marshall
Episode: "Strange Witness"
Premiered: March 23rd, 1958

Episode synopsis:
     Ruth Marshall (Joan Crawford) is having an affair with family friend​ David (Tom Tryon), who begins to pressure Ruth to ask her wealthy husband, John (John McIntire) for a divorce, however, Ruth says she isn't ready for a divorce, yet.

     Later in the day, Ruth's husband comes home unexpectedly and notices lipstick on David's face. John asks David how long his wife and he has been seeing each other behind his back, to which Ruth says two months. John begins to tell David there were a string of other lovers before him, and that Ruth doesn't love anyone. This angers David, who shoots John after another insult from him. Ruth tells David he made a mistake to have killed John so impulsively.
     ​A short time later, John's old friend Chris (Sidney Blackmer) stops by to visit. Ruth tells David that Chris is blind and that she'll ask him to leave before he suspects anything is amiss. During his visit, Chris asks Ruth where John is, and she says he had to see a client out of town. Ruth gives Chris a drink while David stands on the other side of the room gesturing to Ruth to make Chris leave. After a near-miss of Chris stepping on John's body, which is still laying on the floor where he fell, Ruth is able to convince Chris to leave.
     After Chris' departure, David begins to coach Ruth on how to lie to the police about John's appearance when the telephone rings. Ruth answers it, and Chris is on the other line (from a police station) informing her that John had lent him money for an eye operation and that it was successful and he can now see.​​​​

Cast & Crew:
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Written By: John Whiting (Story), Gavin Lambert (Teleplay)
Producer: Revue Productions

Joan Crawford - "Ruth Marshall"
Tom Tryon - "David"
John McIntire - "John Marshall"
Sidney Blackmer - "Chris"​​​​​​​​​​

Production: The episode was originally titled "Eyewitness." Filming took place in late February/early March 1958.​

​Drama and Suspense

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