​Sponsorship and Documentary

​"The American Cancer Society"

"Cancer Crusade" (1967)
Broadcast date: April 1967
Details:​Joan reads "Dirge Without Music" by Edna St. Vincent Millay on behalf of the American Cancer Society's televised "Crusade."​

"Cancer Crusade" (1972)
Broadcast date: April 1st, 1972
     In February 1972, Joan recorded a series of promotional films and commercials for the American Cancer Society. Among them is the 28-minute film entitled "He Wanted To Live" (also known as "A Very Special Child" or "Take Time Out For Life") for the "Cancer Crusade" telethon.

​ The film tells the story of baby James and his recovery from the usually fatal infant and children's cancer, neuroblastoma.  The film exhibits the extra loving care James received from the staff of Charity Hospital in New Orleans and a foster family, the Koles, who took him in despite the bleak outlook for his survival. Additionally, the film discusses James' neuroblastoma and its diagnosis and treatment with aggressive chemotherapy, constant testing, and weekly checkups over the period of 21 months. Also mentioned during the film are other forms of cancer in children, including leukemia, and makes a fervent pitch for continued public contributions to American Cancer Society research.
     Joan was also scheduled to also appear in person on this telethon, however, canceled due to illness, and was replaced by Virginia Graham.​​

Pap Test​​
Broadcast Date: 1972
Synopsis: Joan Crawford encourages female viewers to have the Pap Test examination on a regular basis.
     "I'm here with a very brief reminder for you women. We're all aware of the importance of the Pap Test in guarding our lives when it comes to cancer of the uterus. What I'd like to mention is we should all have the Pap Test done as part of a regular health checkup.
​So, if it's been a year or more since you're had this simple examination, see your doctor. It's important to you. And to the people who love you.

​​​​​​​​​​Broadcast Date: 1972
Synopsis: Joan Crawford encourages viewers to donate to the American Cancer Society.

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Screenshots of Joan's appearance during the 1967 Cancer Crusade telethon.

​Screenshots of Joan's appearance on "A Very Special Child" film. (1972)

​Screenshots of Joan's appearance on the Pap Test commercial. (1972)

​Screenshots of Joan's appearance during an American Cancer Society donation pledge film. (1972)