​​​​​​​​​​"The Secret Storm" (1968)
Character: Joan Borman Kane​
Duration: 30 minutes 
Premiered: October 25th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 1968 (CBS)

Episode synopsis:
     ​Joan portrays the character of "Joan Borman Kane" on four episodes in October 1968. During these episodes, the character is engaged in divorce discussions with her husband, "Nick" (Keith Charles).

Cast & Crew:
Director: Gloria Monty
Producer: Columbia Broadcasting System

Joan Crawford - "Joan Borman Kane"
Keith Charles - "Nick Kane"
​​​​​​​​​Terry O' Sullivan - "Judge Sam Stevens"
Larry Weber - "Peter Ames"​

After Joan's daughter, Christina, was 
hospitalized for an ovarian tumor on October 15th, Joan agreed to substitute her daughter's role until she could return. Joan rehearsed her scenes for the show on October 18th, and 19th. Joan's scenes for all four episodes were taped on October 20th, 1968.
Director Gloria Monty felt Joan did a wonderful job during the rehearsals, however, thought Joan was inebriated during the episodes' taping. ​​​​​
     For her services, Joan was paid $3,500, for which she gave to her hairdresser.​
     CBS reported an increase in viewers of the soap opera during the week Joan guest-appeared.​

     Much has been said regarding Joan replacing her daughter on this show, however according to Gloria Monty, Joan did so out of fear of her daughter losing her role on the soap opera during her illness, and because show director Gloria Monty asked Joan to do so.

The following is a 1979 quote from show director
 Gloria Monty:​​​
"Joan called me to go to Christina's apartment. She called the doctor to go there, and from her own bedside, because she was ill, called the ambulance to take Christina to the hospital. Joan also sent her secretary, Betty Barker, to see that everything went smoothly for Christina.
The only reason Joan was not there was because she was ill with the flu and the doctor advised her not to go near Christina.

     As soon as Joan was declared noncontagious, Joan planted herself in her daughter's hospital room and saw to it that Christina was well-cared for.
She spoke to all of us on the show about keeping Christina's job open, Joan was afraid her daughter would lose her running part by being absent.
She kept asking us, 'Can I do anything to help her keep it? What can I do?'
It was difficult for me to make Joan understand this was not like the studio days when if you were ill the production had to shut down. She didn't understand that we could write out Christina's character for a while, although the story, at that moment, was at a peak.
     One time when Joan asked 'What can I do?" I said 'Play the part for us.'
She said 'OK, I'll do Christina's part until she comes back.' And that's how she came to do the role on 'The Secret Storm'."

The following is an excerpt from "Joan Crawford: A Biography" by Bob Thomas:
     "Fred Silverman, chief of daytime programming at CBS was delighted with the news, and he cleared the use of the studio for rehearsals on Saturday and taping on Sunday. Gloria Monty went to Joan's apartment and found her in a state of excitement.
'I know this character like this.' said Joan, snapping her fingers' It's Mildred Pierce'.
'Okay, let's not talk too much, let's just read the scene' said Monty.
     She was amazed how adroitly Joan fell into the character, and at the subtlety she lent to the soap-opera dialogue.
On the day of the taping, Joan grasp Monty and said 'I'm in your hands'."

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