​​​​​​​​​​"Zane Grey Theater" (1959)
Character: Stella Faring
Episode: "Rebel Range"
Premiered: December 3rd, 1959

Episode synopsis:
     ​Stella Faring (Joan Crawford) and her son Rob (Don Grady) visit their old family home and ask the new owner, Case Taggart (Scott Forbes), for a look inside, which Case allows. To Case's dismay, once inside the house, Stella and Rob contend it is their home and they will not leave it again. ​Stella's deceased husband lost the land to public auction when it was abandoned while he was fighting for the Confederacy. Case explains to Stella that he purchased the property legally, however, Stella doesn't care, and remains adamant that she and her son will remain. As a result, Case forcibly removes them from the house and watches as they leave. Later, Case returns home to find that Stella and her son are back in the house, and have brought two men named Fisk and Cressie (John Anderson and Joseph V. Perry) with them to throw Case off the property, which they do.
     Later, Fisk (Anderson) gives Rod a gun and says he wants to teach him how to protect the property by letting Rob stand guard over the property.
When Case returns, Rob threatens to shoot Case, however, Case calls his bluff and pulls him to the house, where Fisk is attempting to assault Stella.
Case throws Fisk outside, and follows him, as does Rob with a gun in hand, and he shoots Case in the shoulder. Stella treats Case's injury and cares for him until he's well. Stella tells Case she and Rob are now going to leave to stay with friends she has in town. Case decides that perhaps he and Stella can come to a compromise and she can return back to the house ​​​​at some point in the future. 

Cast & Crew:
Director: Don Medford
Written by: Kathleen Hite & Joseph Chadwick (Teleplay)
Producer: Four Star Productions 

Joan Crawford - "Stella Faring"
Scott Forbes - "Case Taggart"
​​​​​​​​​​Don Grady - "Rob Faring'
​John Anderson - "Fisk"
Joseph V. Perry - "Cressie"​

 Joan signed on for this appearance in September 1959.​

​​Drama and Suspense

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Screenshots of Joan's appearance in the episode.