​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Zane Grey Theater" (1961)
Character: Sarah Hobbes/Melanie Hobbes​ (In a "duel" role)
​​Episode: "One Must Die"
Duration: 30 minutes
​Premiered: January 12, 1961​​ (CBS)

Episode synopsis:​​​ 
​     When John Baylor (Phillip Carey) is summoned to the house of wealthy, but ill, Thaddeus Hobbes (Carl Benton Reid) to draft his last will and testament, he meets Hobbes' twin daughters, Sarah and Melanie (Joan Crawford) in individual encounters. Shortly afterword, Hobbes dies while arguing with Melanie about the will, which only includes Sarah. At the funeral for her father, Sarah tells John that she's afraid to return to the family home because of Melanie.
     When Baylor later visits Melanie at the family home, she attempts to seduce him, but he pushes her away, to which an enraged Melanie runs away. Baylor later finds Sarah, who says she's locked Melanie in her room. When John goes to the room looking for her, Melanie isn't there. Sarah tells John she is there and points to her clothing on the bed claiming it's Melanie. John realizes that "Melanie" doesn't exist and that Sarah has a split personality. ​Comprehending that "Melanie" isn't real, Sarah decides to burn the house down as a means of ridding herself of "Melanie" for good.

Cast & Crew:
Director: Lewis Allen
Written by: Walter Germano
Producer: Four Star Productions

Joan Crawford - "Sarah/Melanie Hobbes"
Phillip Carey - "John Baylor"
Carl Benton Reid - "Thaddeus Hobbes"​​​​​​​​​

     Joan signed her contract with producer Aaron Spelling to appear in this episode in mid-September 1960. The episode was written especially for Joan.
     ​Joan filmed her scenes for “One Must Die” from October 10th - 14th, 1960.
     On October 6th, MCA attempted to prevented Joan from filming the "Zane Grey Theater" segment due to a prior contractual agreement, citing Joan was to be used by Revue Productions, a MCA subsidiary, on the dates planned for the filming of “One Must Die.“ 
     ​Joan began filming of “One Must Die” on October 10th after explaining to producer Dick Powell that she is “willing and available.”​​​

     One day during filming actress Carolyn Jones (Spelling's then-wife) visited Joan on the set, and later sent Joan a gallon of home made vegetable soup.
​​The following day, Joan had her chauffeur deliver a 10-pound home-made meat loaf to Jones. 

​​Drama and Suspense

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Screenshots of Joan's appearance in the episode.