Below is a listing of the most recent updates and additions to the website.
The website is continuously updated, however, this section provides the most significant additions.

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2017 Updates

​​​December 30th, 2017: 
      Added an article from the January 1972 issue of "Movie Digest" Magazine entitled "Yesterday's Stars Verses Today's"​ to
​the Vintage Articles section.

​​​​November 12th, 2017:
     Added the latest court ruling in favor of Olivia de Havilland's lawsuit against the FX Network for her portrayal in the series "Feud: Bette & Joan."

​​​November 8th, 2017:
     Added the article "The Story I've Never Told" from the January 1955 issue of "Woman's Home Companion​" magazine.

​​November 4th, 2017:
     Added Joan and Bette Davis' contracts for "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" to the Letters And Documents section.​

​​​August 2nd, 2017:
     I have uploaded the book "Crawford: The Last Years" by Carl Johnes to the website. It is a wonderful book which has become quite scarce to find, and I think all Joan Crawford fans should read it.
     Click here to read the book in its entirety.

     I have added an August 24th, 1969 interview with Joan on the set of "Trog".​​ Click here to read it.

​​​August 1st, 2017:
     I've added a special Page devoted to the story of the book "Four Fabulous Faces" and Joan's disapproval of a photo of her used within the book. Included on the page for reference are photos of my own copy of "Four Fabulous Faces" which was inscribed and given to Joan's Imperial House neighbors, the Andersons.​

​​​July 27th, 2017:
     In response to the longstanding rumor regarding the topic of Joan having her rear teeth removed in her early career, I have designated a special Page on the website which debunks this commonly believed myth with the assistance of Joan's own dental records.

​​May 2nd, 2017:
      ​In honor of the anniversary of the death of "Mamacita"
​(May 2nd, 1979), a new Section devoted entirely to "Mamacita" has been added to the website. It covers details of Mamacita's life before and after her employment with Joan, with many rare photos and letters from Mamacita to Joan - including Mamacita's resignation letter.

​​​April 23rd, 2017:
     Click here to read a recent interview with Webmaster Bryan Johnson by FanFest.com. The interview is regarding "Feud: Bette & Joan"​, and it's truth in relation to the real Joan Crawford

​​​February 24th, 2017:
The Concluding Chapter of Crawford is proud to sponsor "The Joan Crawford Footage Club". A wonderful new online club committed to preserving the lost footage of Joan Crawford, and making it accessible to fans world-wide. Click here to learn more about the club.​​

​​​January 3rd, 2017:
       Added three new photos of Joan's apartment 22G in Imperial House
to the website. Click here to go directly to the 22G apartment page.​​

2016 Updates​​

​​July 20th, 2016:
     Added a vintage 1964 Motion Picture Magazine article entitled "Those Fabulous Broads Battle It Out!" to the website.
     ​The article details some of the antics between Joan and Bette Davis​​ on the set of "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte".

​​​July 19th, 2016:
     Added 31 contemporary photos of Joan's apartment 22G in Imperial House, along with photos of the Imperial House building as it appears in present day.
    Also added 10 vintage photos and sales materials of Imperial House from the early 1960s.

​July 18th, 2016:
     This Webmaster recently sat down for an interview with Chicago-based podcast "Feast Of Fun" to talk about Joan Crawford and the website. Listen to the full interview here!

     Added the ​complete short story "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?" written by Henry Farrell.
This served as the basis for the film "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte".​

July 17th, 2016:
     A new blog about Joan Crawford has been created entitled ​"From The Desk Of Joan Crawford". The blog serves as a basis for Crawford antidotes, film reviews, analyses and much more! 
The blog is presented by "The Concluding Chapter Of Crawford", and Webmaster Bryan Johnson.​​

​​​​​​​July 13th, 2016:
     ​A new article as been added. This is the infamous article written by columnist Hedda Hopper prior to the filming of "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?", in which Joan and Bette Davis joined Hedda Hopper at her home for an interview.

​​July 8th, 2016:
     ​The website has gotten a refreshing!
     A new background color adorns the website, along with a Joan's letter's motif throughout the website.
     Also, a new more user-friendly menu bar as been added to the website's header.​​

​​July 7th, 2016:
contemporary photos of Joan's apartment building on Fountain Avenue in Hollywood as been added to the Homes section.
     Accompanying the photos is a detailed description of Joan's residency at the apartment and the history of the property.​

​​May 5th, 2016:
     ​It's been announced that the new FX mini-series "Feud" will star Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford, and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis.
     The eight-part mini-series is scheduled to air in early 2017, and document the making of the filming of "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"
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