Below is a listing of the most recent updates and additions to the website.
Minor updates are continuously added to the website, however, this section provides the most significant additions.

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December 29th:
​     As 2019 comes to an end, the website is pleased to launch a very fan-anticipated section: A page devoted to Joan's Brentwood house.
     This section took quite some time to research, however, the final result is a guide to the complete evolution of the house. From its construction in 1927 until today. The section offers in-depth information on the dates Joan remodeled the house, what the remodels consisted of, and even the costs.         Included also is a complete guide to the house's owners over the years; when the owner bought and sold it; and their changes to the house.                   
Additionally, the section offers 145 interior and exterior photos, many never posted online before; 3 floor plan layouts, including a totally unseen contemporary room layout; and 4 construction sketches detailing additions made to the house over the years.

     With creating the Brentwood house page, I also created a Debunking page to disprove the erroneous internet rumor that the house was ever owned by Leeza Gibbons; or that Joan ever owned a house later owned by Gibbons.

     I hope you will all join me here in 2020. The website will have many new, and exciting, updates ahead! Happy New Year Crawford fans!​
​​December 22nd: 
     Added an enormous wealth of information to the 1955 Chronicle page.

     Added the program to Joan's May 17th, 1977 memorial service, held at All Souls Unitarian Church in Manhattan.

     Added 105 photos to the 1965 gallery, which include:
4 photos of Joan receiving the U.S.O. "Woman of The Year" award. (March 2nd, 1965)
4 photos of Joan attending the Hollywood Publicists Guild luncheon, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. (April 2nd, 1965)​​​
6 photos of Joan at the 37th annual Academy Awards ceremony in Santa Monica, California. (April 5th, 1965)​
9 photos of Joan at a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant dedication celebration in Padukah, Kentucky. (May 7th and 8th, 1965)
1 photo of Joan at the Supermarket Institute's 28th annual convention in Chicago, Illinois. (May 9th, 1965)
12 photos of Joan attending a function at the Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily, Italy. (Early August 1965)
​9 photos of Joan in Sicily, Italy. (Early August 1965)
5 photos of Joan at the Taormina Film Festival in Sicily, Italy. (August 2nd, 1965)​
8 photos of Joan at the 17th annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony in Manhattan, New York. (September 12th, 1965)​
35 photos of Joan on the television show "The Hollywood Palace." (Aired October 9th, 1965)​
​2 photos of Joan at the ribbon cutting of the "Joan Crawford Studio of Dance" at Brandeis University in Boston, Massachusetts. (October 12th, 1965)
9 photos of Joan a​t a press conference at the Wade Hampton Hotel in Columbia, South Carolina. (December 9th, 1965)
1 photo of Joan at a dinner hosted by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce in Columbia, South Carolina. (December 9th, 1965)​

     Added the entire script for Joan's canceled appearance on the television show "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour." This episode was to have been filmed in August 1967, however, Joan reportedly canceled her appearance upon receiving this script and not approving of the skits she was to perform. She was replaced on the episode with Greer Garson.​

     Added a page to the "Missed Opportunities" section detailing Joan's cancellation on the television show "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour."

     Added a new addition to the "Stationary" section, which chronicles Joan's Christmas stationary letterheads throughout the years.​

December 8th: 
     ​Added five new pages to the Chronicle section, for the years 1955 - 1959. This is only the "jumping off point" for the new addition of the 1950s to the website's Chronicle section. Much more content will be added to these new pages, along with the additional 1950s pages, which will, hopefully, follow soon.
     Added a new section to the website called "The Archive." This section is designed as one easy menu to encompass many pre-existing pages on the website, such as Joan's letters, documents, personal belongings; along with the sections devoted to Joan's homes and locations, and the debunking pages. The Archive's purpose is to serve as a more simplistic, user-friendly, menu for readers to browse the website's content, and to easily locate previously-read content.

     Redesigned the Television section, which involved creating individual pages for each television appearance, thus providing a more user-friendly browsing menu for readers on the Television's section menu.

     Lastly, the website has a new "three dimensional" ​appearance, with the website's content all solely on the blue letter motif, which freely floats above a stack of other letters as you scroll the pages.

​December 1st: 
​​     Added a new 1972 interview with Joan to the website's Youtube channel. The interview was recorded on May 12th, 1972 in Sacramento, California.

​November 24th:
     Debunking Joan's Birth Year:​ Added an entirely new section to the website to establish Joan's true year of birth and to discredit other years.
     1969 Gallery: Added 19 photos of Joan on the set of "The Virginian." (Filmed in November 1969)
​     1970 Gallery: Added 49 additions, which include:
5 production stills from "The Virginian." (Premiered on January 21st, 1970)
42 screenshots of Joan's performance in "The Virginian." (Premiered on January 21st, 1970)

​​November 17th:
     1971 Gallery: Added 18 additions, which include:

7 photos of Joan at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida and at Pepsi's "Sweet 16" party. (February 16th, 1971)
1 photo of Joan on "The Merv Griffin Show," which was taped at Cesar's Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Late March 1971)​
1 photo of Joan at Variety Clubs' Global Convention at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. (March 28th, 1971)
2 photos of Joan at a press conference in New Haven, Florida. (May 15th, 1971)
3 photos of Joan at a Ball at the Citrus Showcase in New Haven Florida. (May 15th, 1971)
2 photos of Joan at a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant dedication in Valdosta, Georgia. (June 5th, 1971)​
1 photo of Joan with publicist Sid Zims at the WRC radio station in Washington, D.C. (October 5th, 1971)​​​
1 color candid of Joan signing copies of "My Way of Life" at the Marshall Fields department store in Chicago, Illinois. (November 8th, 1971)​

     Documents and Letters: Added an invitation to Joan's May 17th, 1977 memorial service at All Soul's Unitarian Church in Manhattan, New York.​

​November 10th:
     1977 Gallery: Added 15 additions, which include:
7 photos of guests arriving at Joan's memorial service, held at All Souls Unitarian Church in Manhattan, New York (May 17th, 1977)​
8 photos of attendees at the Tribute to Joan Crawford memorial service, held at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California (June 24th, 1977)

     Documents and Letters: Added an 18-page transcript of the June 24th, 1977 "A Tribute To Joan Crawford​" memorial service. The transcript was written by George Cukor, and exhibit's Cukor's handwritten corrections.
     Added the complete four-page program from the June 24th, 1977 "A Tribute To Joan Crawford" memorial service.

​​November 8th:
     Youtube: To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the premier of Joan's segment in the television film "Night Gallery," I have created and uploaded a special video to the website's Youtube channel to highlight Joan's brilliant acting in the segment. Additionally, the segment has been added, in high definition, to the website's Facebook page, and can be viewed here.

​November 7th:
     Television: "Night Gallery" - Added a Western Union telegram to Joan from producer William Sackheim welcoming her to the production of "Night Gallery." On the telegram, Joan has written the contact information for the segment's director, Steven Spielberg, whose name she accidentally spells as "Stephen" before correcting it.

​     Television: Rumored Appearances - added "The David Frost Show" alleged appearance dates of April 21st, 1970 and October 7th, 1971. Both of which are cited on various online sources as episodes Joan appeared on, aside than her sole appearance on January 16th, 1970. This newly added information debunks this erroneous information. 

     Television: American Film Institute - added details regarding a national  commercial Joan appears in for the AFI Joan Crawford Film Festival, held in Washington, D.C. in October 1971.​

​​November 5th:
     1969 Gallery: Added 105 additions, which include:
7 photos of Joan at Edith Head's exhibit in Manhattan, New York. (January 14th, 1969)
​2 photos of Joan at a luncheon at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan (April 8th, 1969)
8 photos of Joan at the 41st annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California (April 14th, 1969)
2 photos of Joan at a post-Tony Awards party at the El Morocco restaurant in Manhattan, New York. (April 21st, 1969)
1 photo of Joan at the "Theater On The Mall" in Washington, D.C. (April 28th, 1969)
5 photos of Joan at a party in her honor at the El Morocco restaurant in Manhattan, New York. (June 12th, 1969)
11 photos from the set of "Trog" in England. (July 1969)
20 proof photos of Joan on the set of "Trog" by photographer Michael Ward, along with an August 9th, 1969 letter by Joan expressing her distaste for the photos. (July 30th, 1969)
3 photos of Joan at a party in London, England. (September 1969)
1 photo of Joan during the filming of a promotional film for PepsiCo. (September 1969)
2 photos of Joan during the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola plant in Toledo, Ohio. (September 26th-27, 1969)
​2 photos of Joan's Blackglama fur ad. (October 1969)
1 photo of Joan at a USO luncheon at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, New York. (October 24th, 1969)
6 photos of Joan at various Pepsi-Cola functions, including the dedication ceremony of a bottling plant in Houston, Texas. (October 1969)
3 stills of Joan in "Night Gallery." (Premiered November 8th, 1969)
6 photos of Joan on the set of "Night Gallery." (filmed in January, premiered November 8th, 1969)
25 high definition screen shots of Joan in "Night Gallery."

     1970 Gallery: Added 3 candid color photos of Joan at the dedication ceremony of ​the Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Sedalia, Missouri. These
photos are courtesy of James Molchany.

​​October 28th:
     Documents and Letters: Added the complete 15-page Last Will and Testament of Joan Crawford Steele.

     1971 Gallery: Added 29 additions, which include:
​7 photos of Joan with Cesar Romero at the 1971 Golden Globes ceremony in Los Angeles, California. (February 5th, 1971)
3 photos of Joan at an event in Los Angeles, California. (October 14th, 1971)​
10 photos of Joan at a book signing held at the west Los Angeles May Co. store​ in Los Angeles, California. (October 15th, 1971)
6 photos of Joan at the Ambassador Hotel in Chicago, Illinois during the "My Way of Life" promotion tour. (November 8th, 1971)
3 photos of Joan at a press conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts to promote "My Way of Life." (November 15th, 1971)

     1972 Gallery: Added 7 additions, which include:
6 screenshots from Joan's series of American Cancer Society commercials (Filmed in February 1972)
1 photo of Joan and the director during the filming of the American Cancer Society commercials. (February 1972)

​​October 20th:
     1972 Gallery: Added 10 additions, which include:
6 color screenshots of Joan at a press conference at the Woodlake Inn Hotel in Sacramento, California. (May 12th, 1972)
1 color photo of Joan with interior designer Carleton Varney in the living room of her Imperial House apartment. (July 1972)
2 photos of Joan at a tribute and retrospective in her honor at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. (November 29th, 1972)
1 image of the poster advertising Joan's tribute at Wesleyan University.​
     1973 Gallery: Added 39 additions, which include;
5 color screenshots of Joan's commercial for Pan Am Airlines. (Filmed in February, 1973)​
​The complete Town Hall program (4 pages) from Joan's appearance at the "Legendary Ladies of The Movies" series. (April 8th, 1973)
32 photos of Joan at a Variety Clubs dinner honoring Floyd Starr; held​ at the Pantlind Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (April 24th, 1973)
1 color photo of the cover of the April 16th, 1973 issue of the Greater Grand Rapids "Visitor," which details the Variety clubs banquet and displays a 1959 photo of Joan on the cover.
     These newest photo additions (minus the programs and promotional materials) make a total of 70 photos in both the 1972 and 1973 galleries.

     Chronicle 1971: Added several dates and details to Joan's traveling in October 1971; which includes details regarding her appearance at the "Joan Crawford Film Festival" in Washington, D.C. and her appearance in San Francisco, California during her tour to promote "My Way of Life."​

     Chronicle​Added various dates from 1960 - 1972 which document the acting career of Joan's daughter, Christina Crawford. ​
Many of the new dates detail acting performances Christina gave in various plays, films and television programs. Also included are dates of when Christina appeared on various television and radio programs to promote a current acting project.

     In addition to these updates, there have been too many other new additions made to the Chronicle section over the past week to list them all here, but perhaps this will give you a good reason to explore the website's Chronicle - - - which is voluminous! ​

     Special announcement: I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that the Chronicle section will be expanding (hopefully by the end of this year) to include Joan's life in the 1950s. I have obtained too much information, dates and details regarding Joan's life during the 1950s to not add this information to the website.

​​October 17th:
     ​Pepsi-Cola Plant Dedications: Added 6 new Pepsi-Cola bottling plants to the list of plant dedication ceremonies Joan attended. 
​They are: Greensboro, North Carolina (05/02/1957); Rockville, Maryland (09/19/1957); Santa Rosa, California (04/28/1960); Kansas City, Missouri (05/10/1960); Cheverly, Maryland (10/17/1962); and Fort Smith, Arkansas (05/27/1967).
     ​This makes over 70 Pepsi-Cola plant dedication ceremonies on the list. I hope to have detailed information and photos uploaded for each dedication sooner rather than later!

    Missed Opportunities: Added 2 additional titles to missed projects Joan intended to do, but ultimately the project did not materialize.
​The 2 projects are both from 1958; "The Dinah Shore Chevy Show" and "The Perry Como Show."​ This makes over 60 listed titles in the Missed Opportunities section. Many other titles will be added, with details to follow for each title in the section.

     Chronicle (1968): Added daily details regarding Joan's visit to Seattle, Washington during the Seattle Seafair​ celebration, held in late July 1968.

October 12th:
     1972 Gallery: Added 41 additions, which include;
1 photo of Joan at a Pepsi-Cola plant dedication ceremony in Sacramento, California. (May 13th, 1972)
5 color stills of Joan's appearance on "The Sixth Sense."
30 high definition screenshots of Joan's appearance on "The Sixth Sense."​
4 photos of Joan at a book publication party held at the Abercrombie & Fitch literary salon in New York. (November 15th, 1972)
1 photo of Joan at a retrospective of her films at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. (November 29th, 1972)

​​October 11th:
     1973 Gallery: Added 13 additions, which include;
3 photos by photographer Eric Steven Jacobs of Joan at Town Hall. (April 8th, 1973​) 
1 photo of Joan at Town Hall, taken by Shaun Considine. (April 8th, 1973)
1 photo of Joan with Brazilian soccer player Pelé. (May 9th, 1973)
8 photos of Joan recording her film introductions for "Joan Crawford Week" on Channel 5 (WNEW-TV) in New York. (June 1973)

​​October 8th:
     Revamped the Photo Galleries menu page with a new look. I hope to add much more content to the photo galleries.
​In the previous years many photos have been added to the website's Facebook page in lieu of adding them to the website, so there is a backlog of content to add, and also many new, unseen, photos I plan to add soon as I work to scan and upload them.

​​October 5th:
     1974 Gallery: Added 26 previously unpublished photos of Joan at​ the Rainbow Room party on September 24th, 1974. ​Also added are two bonus photos of Rosalind Russell greeting friends at her table during the party.

​​July 1st:
     Added 12 wardrobe test photos from "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" to a special page devoted to the other members of the cast, aside from Joan. Including Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotten and Mary Astor.

​​June 18th:
     Added 14 previously unseen wardrobe test photos of Joan from "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" to the website's gallery.

​​March 4th, 2019:
     ​Uploaded the book "The Raging Star" by Charles Castle to the website. The book is available here to read and download in its entirely. 
Along with the downloadable book, I have added information regarding the book's publication, and the author's fraudulent claim of the biography ever being "authorized" by Joan.

​​January 5th, 2019: 
​     Uploaded the complete production of "Royal Bay" (aka "Della") in high definition. Click here to view it.
​This production was originally a pilot intended as a television series, however, when the series failed to be optioned by a television network, the pilot was refashioned as a television film.

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