The Joan Crawford Chronicle

January 17: Joan, Alfred Steele and the children arrive in New York City aboard the Queen Mary following their Christmas vacation to Switzerland.

February 9: Joan and Alfred Steele travel to Jamaica.

March: Joan and Alfred purchase an apartment at 2 East 70th Street, on the corner of Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan, New York. Joan's friend, and interior decorator, William Haines, is hired to remodel and decorate the apartment.

March 23: Joan travels to Los Angeles, California.

April 4: Joan travels from Los Angeles, California to Manhattan, New York, via train, to meet with her friend and decorator William Hanies regarding the remodeling of her and Alfred's apartment at 2 East 70th Street. Joan anticipates the remodeling to be completed by December, however, the project is not completed until a few months into 1957.

April 6: Joan arrives, via train, in Chicago, Illinois.

Mid-April: Joan travels from Manhattan, New York to Los Angeles, California.

April 21: Joan accompanies Alfred Steele to a Pepsi-Cola plant dedication ceremony in Salina, Kansas.

April 27: Joan signs her contract for "The Golden Virgin" (later re-named "The Story of Esther Costello"). Joan's contract stipulates her salary for the film to be $200,000 with 10% of the film's profits.

Mid-May: Joan travels to Los Angeles, California.

Late-May: Joan attends wardrobe fittings in Los Angeles, California in preparation for "The Story of Esther Costello."

July 2: Joan and Alfred Steele attend the premiere of "Moby Dick" at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, California.

July 15: Joan and Alfred Steele arrive, via train, to New York's Grand Central Station.

Mid-July: Joan has an appointment with her dentist.

Mid-July: Joan Travels to England to begin filming of "The Story of Esther Costello."

September: Joan begins filming "The Story of Esther Costello." Shortly after filming begins, Joan injures her shoulder and is put into traction.

September: Joan's daughter, Christina, begins studying drama at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

October 29: Joan is presented to Queen Elizabeth.

November 9: Joan attends the London premiere of "Autumn Leaves." Following the premiere, Joan attends a party in the film's honor. Earlier in the day, Joan gives an interview to the BBC's television program "A-Z."

November 22: Joan learns, via telephone in London, England, that Christopher has ran away from his boarding school in Arizona.

Mid-December: Due to the filming of "The Story of Esther Costello" being behind schedule, Joan cancels her previous plans; which was to leave England on December 12th and to travel by ship from London, England to Manhattan, New York and then on to Canada to spend Christmas with Alfred and her children.

Mid-December: Joan completes filming of "The Story of Esther Costello."

Mid-December: Joan travels from London, England to Switzerland for a Christmas vacation with Alfred and her children.