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Debunking Joan Crawford Myths and Rumors

"The Buccal" Rumor  (Debunks the rumor that Joan had her molars removed early in life)

Joan's Year of Birth (Exhibits evidence that 1906 is Joan's year of birth; abolishes 1904 as a possible birth year)

Cosmetic Surgery Rumor (Exhibits evidence that Joan did not have cosmetic surgery to her face)
"The Raging Star" - The "Authorized Biography" Claim  (Documentation abolishing Charles Castle's claim that his biography was authorized by Joan)

"Four Fabulous Faces" - Joan's Photo Removal (The story of the unflattering photo Joan disliked, and extracted from copies of this book)

Rumored Television Appearances (Alleged television appearances whereby Joan did not participate)

Leeza Gibbons Never Owned Joan's House  (Debunks the claim that Leeza Gibbons owned a house once owned by Joan)

Professional Documents

Contracts & Documents

Film Wardrobe

Wardrobe Sketches

Pepsi-Cola Documents

1961 European Travel Itinerary

Banking and Salary Documents

Bank Checks and Transparencies (Various years)

Declaration of Joan's Salary For the Year 1942 (11/05/1942)

Letters and Correspondence

Letters From Joan (1960s)

Letters From Joan (1970s)
Letters To (And Regarding) Joan
Joan's Stationary

Vital Records

Anna and Thomas LeSueur's Marriage Certificate (11/10/1902)

Anna LeSueur's Marriage Certificate to Henry J. Cassin (07/13/1909)

Anna LeSueur and Henry J. Cassin Marriage Announcements (July 1909)

Hal LeSueur's Marriage Certificate to Jesse Burress (10/21/1922)

Hal LeSueur's Marriage Certificate to Kasha Haroldi (09/16/1931)

An Affidavit of Joan's Birth Date. Signed By Anna LeSueur (09/26/1942)

Marriage Certificate Between Joan and Alfred Steele (05/10/1955)

The Last Will and Testament of Joan Crawford Steele (10/28/1976)

The Last Will and Testament of Bette Davis (09/02/1987)

Programs, Invitations and Transcripts

Sales Executives Club Enrollment Luncheon (02/14/1968)

The Dallas Press Club Award Dinner (03/08/1968)

A Promotional Program For Joan's Appearance on "The Sixth Sense" (09/30/1972)

An Invitation to A Dinner Honoring Joan at The Player's Club (01/21/1973)

The Program from Joan's appearance at Town Hall (04/08/1973)

Invitation Card to "They Had Faces Then" publication party (09/23/1974)
Invitation card to Joan's Memorial Service (05/17/1977)

The Program from Joan's Memorial Service (05/17/1977)

The Program from "A Tribute to Joan Crawford" (06/24/1977)

A Transcript of "A Tribute To Joan Crawford" (06/24/1977)

Publications About Joan

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Joan Biographies and Related Books

Joan's Personal Life

Joan's Houses, Apartments & Related Locations

Joan's Personal Belongings & Awards

"Mamacita" (All about Joan's maid, Anna Brinke)

Food Recipes

Fan Memories

Fan Flowers

Olivia de Havilland's Lawsuit Against FX

Denial of Defendant's Anti-SLAPP Motion To Dismiss (09/29/2017)