​​The Joan Crawford Chronicle

Mid-January: Joan and Alfred travel from Los Angeles, California to Manhattan, New York. 

Late January: Joan, Alfred and the twins travel to Mexico City, Mexico, then on to Acapulco, Mexico for a three week vacation. ​​

Mid-February: Joan and Alfred travel to Los Angeles, California following their return from Mexico.

March 23: Joan appears on the television show "General Electric Theater" in the episode "Strange Witness."​​

April: Joan and Alfred attend the opening of the World's Fair in Brussels. 

April: Joan and Alfred travel to Holland for three days.

April: Joan and Alfred travel to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. ​​​​

April: Joan and Alfred travel to South Africa. ​​​​

May 8: Christopher Crawford and three other boys go on a joyride with an air rifle, whereby they shoot out street lights ​and windows. One pellet from the rifle strikes a 14 year old girl in the face, chipping her front tooth. The four boys are later arrested. Christopher is charged with juvenile delinquency and the other three boys are charged with malicious mischief. On June 28th, by Joan's request to the court, Christopher is sentenced to a institution for delinquent and disturbed children in lieu of a jail sentence. 

Mid-May: ​​Joan and Alfred attend Pepsi-Cola's annual stockholder's meeting in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Mid-May: Joan and Alfred travel to Miami Beach, Florida.​​

June: Joan's niece, Joan Lowe, is signed to a contract with 20th Century Fox.​

June 19: Joan accompanies Alfred to a Pepsi-Cola plant dedication ceremony in Anderson, Indiana. ​​

July: Joan and Alfred spend a week in Brussels. ​​Two days of which at the Brussels World's Fair.

July: Joan and Alfred travel to Holland for three days.

July: Joan and Alfred travel to Frankfort, Germany, Denmark, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Austria, Switzerland and finally France. ​​​​​​

June 28: Christopher Crawford is sentenced by a Lindenhurst, New York court ​to an institution for delinquent and disturbed children after he and his friends went on a shooting spree with an air rifle, which resulted in various damage to personal property and the injury to a young girl. The sentence to an institution verses a jail sentence was by Joan's request.

July 29: Joan's daughter, Christina, debuts in the play "In Color On Sundays," written by Michael Lewis Stern, at the Jan Hus theatre in New York.

August 6: Joan returns to Manhattan, New York aboard the S.S. United States following a business trip to Europe. ​​

August 14: Joan's mother Anna Bell Johnson LeSueur passes away​​ in Los Angeles, California. 

Mid-August: Joan's pet poodle named Cliquot passes away.​​

September: Joan's niece, Joan Lowe, secretly marries writer Bernard Simon at the city hall in Manhattan, New York.​

October 9: Joan begins rehearsals for her appearance on "The Bob Hope Show."​​

October 14: Joan guest stars on "The Bob Hope Show."​​

November: Joan films her appearance for the "General Electric Theater" episode "And One Was Loyal."​​

Late November: Joan and Alfred attend a week-long Pepsi-Cola bottler's convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. ​​This was Joan's first trip to Atlantic City.

December 3: Joan accompanies Alfred to a Pepsi-Cola plant dedication ceremony in Cincinnati, Ohio. ​​

December 17: Joan and Alfred travel to Puerto Rico to vacation and visit with Alfred's daughter Sally, and son-in-law, John. ​​During their visit, Joan and Alfred stay at the Dorado Beach Hotel.​

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