​Mid-January: Producers at 20th Century Fox report they are in negotiations with Joan for the role of “Roberta Carter“ in “Return To Peyton Place”. 
     ​Producer Jerry Wald reports Lana Turner's price is too high, so Norma Shearer is in discussions to portray Constance MacKenzie.
     (For detailed information regarding Joan's involvement with this production, click here)

January 10: Joan is voted among “The Seven Best-Hatted Women In The Land” and received the “Golden Hat Award” from the millinery Institute of America at a luncheon in New York

January 10 (#2): Joan attends an art exhibition held in the lobby of the Pepsi-Cola lobby in New York. The exhibition was presented by The United States Committee for Refugees.

January 26: Joan has dinner with Maurice Chevalier at Voisin in New York.​​

January 31: Dorothy Kilgallen reports that Joan mysteriously, and abruptly, leaves a party Earl Blackwell hosts in honor of Rossano and Lydia Brazzi's 20Th wedding anniversary at the Roma di Notte in New York.

February: Pepsi-Cola opens it's new headquarters building on Park Avenue in New York. The building had began construction in 1958. ​​

February 1-4: Joan acts as official hostess of the Pepsi-Cola National Convention held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.​​

February 9: Joan begins preparations to be on “Ford Startime” along with Jack Paar and Ethel Merman.
     ​ Paar later cancels and is replaced by composer Richard Rogers of Rodgers & Hammerstein.

February 13: Joan is the guest of honor at a cocktail party at the home of Frederick P. Weissman in Palm Beach, Florida.​​

February 14: Joan attends a Variety Clubs dinner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.​​

February 20: Joan tapes her appearance for “Ford Startime”.
      Joan’s appearance was the only one to be taped for this episode being that Joan refused to perform in front of a live audience.
     Director, Gary Lockhart, “tricked” Joan by first doing a rehearsal, and then telling her they would do a dress rehearsal before taping her appearance when, in fact, Lockhart taped the dress rehearsal and told her afterward “That was it, we taped it.”
February 23: Joan appears on “Ford Startime” as a "talent scout" sponsoring Canadian actress Colleen Dewhurst.
     ​Other celebrities that appear on this episode are; Ethel Merman, Tommy Sands, Hugh Downs, composer Richard Rodgers and Maureen O'Hara.

February 24: Joan leaves for week-long stay in Miami Beach, Florida.

February 25 - March 18: Joan vacations in Miami Beach, Florida and Jamaica.​​

March 19: Joan returns from a two-week rest in Montego Bay, Jamaica.​, where she has gotten a sun tan.

March 22: Joan, along with approximately 100 other guests which includes Zsa Zsa Gabor and Arline Frances, attends Salvador Dali's ​​
​painting of Bouguereau's "Nymphs and Satire" in the Barberry Room of the Berkshire Hotel in New York. 

Late March: Joan attends Pepsi-Cola's annual bottler's convention in New York.​​

April: Joan completes the sell of her 28-room, 7-bedroom house in Brentwood, California to actor Donald O’Conner. ​
     ​​The sell also includes a majority of the house's furniture.

April 4: Joan attends a reception with Patricia Nixon.​

April 9: Joan hosts a fashion show during the Cherry Blossom Luncheon in Washington, D.C.

April 16: Joan arrives in Los Angeles with her twin daughters.

​April 17-26: Joan removes the final contents that she will take from the Brentwood house as she and daughters Cathy and Cynthia spend their last Easter weekend in the house.

April 27: Joan dedicates a Variety Clubs-built Nursery School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joan also accepts the “Heart Award” from Variety Clubs on behalf of her late-husband Alfred Steele.

Early May: Joan travels to Modesto, Santa Rosa and San Francisco, California on Pepsi-Cola business trips.​​

May 8: Joan attends a $50-a-head fundraising dinner at the Commodore Hotel in New York. The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise funds for the production of “Shakespeare In the Park” in the summer.

May 31: Joan travels to Toronto, Canada for the 33rd annual international convention of Variety Clubs. ​
     ​Other delegates include; Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens and Gina Lollobrigida.

June 1: Joan spends the day at a Pepsi-sponsored gala at the Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Canada. The day-long event includes a buffet luncheon, cocktail party, dinner and floorshow hosted by Alan King.

June 7: Joan attends the twins’ end of school year ceremony in California.

​​June 10: Joan arranges her daughters Cathy and Cynthia to move to New York for the summer. 
     ​Upon departing Los Angeles, Joan tells reporters she will be back to Los Angeles soon to begin work on ​"Return To Peyton Place".​

Early-July: Joan cancels her plans to attend the Berlin Film Festival.​​

Early-July: Joan and her daughters Cathy and Cynthia take a month-long cruise to South America.​​

July 26: Joan's secretary Betty Barker has lunch with Joan's biographer Jane Kesner Ardmore.​​

August 1: Joan returns from a month-long cruise to South America.

Early August: Joan hires a recently-widowed German lady named Anna Hoffmann Brinke to be her maid and housekeeper.
     ​Joan unintentionally calls Anna "Mamacita" on her first day of work, and the nickname stuck, throughout Anna's employment with Joan. According to Joan, the reason for the mistake is due to following Joan's trip to South America in July where she had become accustom to ​​calling the staff "Mamacita", she inadvertently called Anna "Mamacita". Joan would often also refer to Anna simply as "Mama".

August 8: Joan serves as hostess for a luncheon and fashion show at a TOA meeting in New York.

Late-August: Joan travels to Los Angeles on Pepsi business, and to discuss her role in “Return To Peyton Place” with the film's producers.

September 4: Joan travels with the twins to Los Angeles to enroll them for the new school year, and to do promotional work for Pepsi..

September 12: Joan commentates a luncheon and fashion show for the "Theater Owners of America" convention, held ​in the Crystal Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

September 12 (#2): Joan attends a press conference in Los Angeles. During the conference, Joan's eyes begin watering, which Joan blames the smog and heat. ​​

September 14: Joan testifies before the U.S. tax court in defense of her claim that she suffered a $30,561 loss when she was unsuccessful in selling a script entitled "The Teacher's Story" which she had purchased the rights of in 1950.​​

September 14 (#2): Joan sends a telegram to producer Ross Hunter ​​regarding a role she is interested in portraying.
"Ross dear I tired to reach you for five days. That character has my name on it. Pin it down boy. I'm not about to let go of it. Love Joan"​

Mid-September: Producer Aaron Spelling signs Joan to star in “One Must Die”, an episode written especially for her for “Zane Grey Theatre” ​​

September 20: It's reported that Joan is in talks to co-star in the film "Toys In The Attic" with Dean Martin and ​Katharine Hepburn.​​

September 21: Joan is denied a $30,561 tax deduction by the United States Tax Court. Joan had listed the deduction on her tax return as a “business loss”. This is in regard to a motion picture property entitled "The Teacher's Story” which Joan bought from Warner Bros in 1950 for the amount of $30,561 and for which she had unsuccessfully tried to sell to six major studios with herself starring in the lead role of the film.

September 23: Joan attends the opening of the eighth new Pepsi-Cola plant to open in 1960, in Salt Lake City, Utah.​​

September 24: Joan attends a Ball at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. During the Ball, Joan socializes with fellow “The Women” co-stars Roz Russell and Norma Shearer.

September 25: Joan works all day with Bob Hope filming the season premiere episode of "The Bob Hope Show".​​

October: The October issue of "Redbook" features the article "The Revolt of Joan Crawford's Daughter".
​It is an article co-written by Joan's daughter Christina, detailing the problems she claims to be having with her mother.​​

October 3 - 6: Actor Mike Conners continuously asks his agent Sid Gold to allow him to co-star with Joan in “One Must Die”, however, Gold refuses because the producer’s salary offer was too low.
Conners said he would appear in “One Must Die” at any price because he wanted to co-star with Joan - who had given Conners his first big break in “Sudden Fear”.

October 6: MCA attempts to prevented Joan from filming the "Zane Grey Theater" segment due to a prior contractual agreement, citing Joan was to be used by Revue Productions, a MCA subsidiary, on the dates planned for the filming of “One Must Die“.
     ​Joan begins filming of “One Must Die” on October 10th after explaining to producer Dick Powell that she is “willing and available.”​​

October 3: Joan appears on the season premiere episode of “The Bob Hope Show” with singer Patti Page and Bobby Darin.

October 10 - 14: Joan films her scenes for “One Must Die”.
     One day during filming actress Carolyn Jones visits Joan on the set and later sends Joan a gallon of home-made vegetable soup. The next day, Joan has her chauffeur deliver a 10-pound home-made meat loaf to Jones.

October 19: Joan, escorted by Cesar Romero, attends a film premiere and told reporters "This is the first premiere I've been to in a long time."

October 22: Joan travels to Honolulu, Hawaii for the Pepsi-Cola sponsored Kaiser Cookout.

October 24: Joan attends the Kaiser Cookout, whereby she announces the decision of the contest judges and crowns "America's Cookout Champion​​."

Late October: Joan returns from Honolulu, Hawaii.

November 3: Joan, accompanied by biographer Jane Kesner Ardmore, attends a special film screening and lunch at the Cock N' Bull in Los Angeles.​​

November 7: Joan attends a small party at the Los Angeles home of Jane and Albert Ardmore.​​
November 9: Joan is the “special guest star” at Variety Clubs' “Gay 90’s Revue” at the Riviera Country Club in ​Los Angeles, California.

November 10: 20th Century Fox producer Jerry Wald reports in a press release that Joan will co-star in “Return To Peyton Place” with Bette Davis (Davis is slated for the "Constance MacKenzie" role).

November 12: Joan leaves Los Angeles for New York.​​

November 26: Columnist Sheilah Graham reports "Joan Crawford will be sorry to hear that a so-called friend is writing an unauthorized life history of her. ​​Crawford's official biography is being written by Jane Kesner Ardmore and will have the Crawford seal of approval."

December 5: Production begins on “Return To Peyton Place” with a 35-day filming schedule. 20th Century Fox producer Jerry Wald reports that Joan has left the production. Upon Joan’s departure, Wald says Bette Davis is in line for the role and is 99% certain Davis will play the role.  Bette Davis later declines the role due to illness.
     On December 20th, 1960, Mary Astor signs to the role of “Roberta Carter” which Joan was originally set to play. 

December 10: Joan attends the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Gainesville, Florida.​​
     The dedication takes place from 10:00 AM through 6:00 PM.
     Among those attending are; "Miss Florida", Kathy Magda and Pepsi-Cola president Herbert L. Barnet​​.

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