The Joan Crawford Chronicle

January: Joan attends a performance of "Night of The Iguana" at the Royale Theater in New York City. Following the performance, Joan meets with Bette Davis (who was performing in the play) backstage to discuss the possibility of them co-starring together in the film "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"

Mid-January: Joan travels to southern Florida on Pepsi-Cola business.

January 20: It’s announced that Joan has signed to star in the film "Lady In A Cage."

January 29: Joan attends a hearing regarding the Alfred Steele estate at Manhattan, New York's Surrogate Court.

Late January: Joan has lunch with producers Carlo Ponti and Joseph E. Levine in regard to starring in the film “The Idol."

Late February: Joan vacations in Barbados.

March 3: Escorted by George Nader, Joan attends a party given in her honor. The party is hosted by producer Aaron Spelling.

March 5: Joan attends the 19th annual Hollywood Foreign Press dinner in Los Angeles, California.

March 6: Joan travels from Los Angeles to San Francisco, California on a Pepsi-Cola trip. While in San Francisco, Joan stays at the Fairmont Hotel.

March 7: Joan travels from San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii to represent Pepsi-Cola at the annual Kaiser Cookout Competition.

March 8: Joan attends a cocktail party given in her honor at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Hawaii.

March 10: Joan attends the Kaiser Cookout Competition.

March 12: Joan presents the Kaiser Cookout Competition winner, and the contest's runner ups, with their prizes at an awards banquet in the Ale Ale Kai Room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Hawaii.

March 13: Joan attends the "Mahimahi luncheon" at the Hilton Hawaii Village's Long House. During the luncheon, Joan introduces the new board of directors of Pepsi-Cola. The luncheon is attended by 250 people, including Pepsi-Cola dignitaries.

March 14: Joan travels from Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California.

March 15: Joan travels from Los Angeles, California to New York City, where she begins repacking for a Pepsi-Cola business trip to Akron, Ohio.

March 17: Joan arrives in Akron, Ohio where she will spend the next three days. During her visit, Joan stays at the Sheraton Hotel. In the evening Joan attends a dinner party at the Rosemont Country Club in Akron. The dinner is hosted by Julian and Rose Darsky.

March 18: Joan attends various social cocktail parties and engagements in Akron, Ohio.

March 19: Joan commentates a luncheon and style show at the Jewish Center in Akron, Ohio. The luncheon is in honor of Women's Day.

March: Joan attends the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola plant in Nassau, The Bahamas.

April: Carlo Ponti announces that Joan is the top contender for the female lead in the film "The Idol."

April 6: Joan arrives in Los Angeles, California.

April 9: Joan, accompanied by Cesar Romero and daughter Cindy, attends The Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, California. At the ceremony, Joan presents the "Best Actor" award to Maximilian Schell for his performance in “Judgment At Nuremberg."

April 10: Joan has lunch with producer Luther Davis and director Ralph Nelson to discuss arraignments for the film "Lady In A Cage."

May 2: Joan attends Pepsi-Cola’s annual shareholders meeting in Wilmington, Delaware, whereby Joan's salary is criticized by shareholders following her new five-year contract with Pepsi-Cola. In Joan's contract (signed in the fall of 1961), her compensation for being a public relations officer and board member for the company is as follows: $35,000 annually the first two years, and $50,000 the last three years; $3,600 annually as a director of the company.

Pepsi President, Herbert L. Barnet defends Joan by saying "What we pay her is peanuts. The agreement was reached on a fair business basis." Stating that Joan "works all day, day in and day out for Pepsi."

May 9: Joan and Bette Davis sign their contracts for the film "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"

Mid-May: Joan has a friendly visit with Mercedes McCambridge, whereby the two women agree to put aside any animosity they once held for each other.

May 19: Joan attends the Preakness Stakes Horse Races held at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. Following the race, Joan has dinner with Columbia Pictures president Leo Jaffe and Pimlico track owner Louis Panfeld.

Mid-May: Joan travels to Europe on a series of Pepsi-Cola business trips.

May 22: Joan attends a party for Pepsi-Cola in Barcelona, Spain.

May 23: Joan arrives in Rome, Italy.

Late May: Joan's former "The Story of Esther Costello" co-star Rossano Brazzi hosts a dinner for Joan and Pepsi-Cola executives at a restaurant in Rome.
However, shortly afterward all of the guests complain of fish poisoning from the dinner.

May 30: Joan attends a press conference for Pepsi-Cola at the Hotel Excelsior in Venice, Italy .

June 1: Joan arrives in Madrid, Spain.

June 3: Joan arrives in Barcelona, Spain.

June 7: Joan is guest of honor at a festival on the "El Soto" farm, where she attends a bullfight. (June 4th is also noted as the date of this event.)

June 13 (#1): Joan arrives in New York City from London, England.

June 13 (#2): Joan appears on Italy's RAI-TV’s film segment “Cinema D’Oddi" in a pre-recorded appearance.

June 16: Joan arrives in Los Angeles, California to begin work on “The Caretakers."

June 20: During an interview, Joan quips that she is tired of news stories citing the length of her career and her durability, saying "As early as 1954 they were calling me "The Last Movie Queen." I'm no queen. I started as a hoofer in a chorus line and by hard work and good breaks became, I hope, an actress." Also during the interview, Joan credits her college dean Daddy Woods with much of her determination to succeed in Hollywood.

June 22: Joan attends a reception honoring her return to Hollywood at Lucey's restaurant, located on the corner of Melrose Avenue and Windsor Street in Hollywood. The entire cast of "The Caretakers" attend, as well as many other notable celebrities.

July: Joan receives five scripts for “The Dick Powell Show” from producer Aaron Spelling. From the scripts Joan is to select two for her to film. Ultimately, Joan never guest stars on the show.

July 6: Joan's autobiography "A Portrait of Joan" is officially released by Double Day. The book is on the best seller's list in Los Angeles, California during its first week of publication.

July 6 (#2): Joan attends an autograph party for "A Portrait of Joan" at the May Co. Wilshire building in Los Angeles, California from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm.

July 14: Joan completes her work on the film "The Caretakers."

Mid-July: Joan films television trailers for the film “Requiem For A Heavyweight," even though she does not appear in the film nor had any involvement with its production. Joan states her reason for doing the trailers is because "I just think it is such a beautiful picture.”

July 16: Joan meets with Bette Davis and Robert Aldrich to discuss the film “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"

July 16 (#2): Joan and Bette Davis have dinner with columnist Hedda Hopper.

July 17: Joan's second grandchild, Bradford, is born. Bradford is the son of Joan's son, Christopher, and his first wife, Nancy.

July 18: Joan, Bette Davis and Robert Aldrich pose for photos with Jack Warner in the "trophy room" on the Warner Brothers studio. (Source: Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud)

July 23: Filming begins on “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” at 9 AM at the Producer's Studios in Los Angeles, California. (Source: Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud)

July 24: A parakeet borrowed for use in “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” gets out of its cage and remains in the catwalks of the studio, where crew members had to coach the bird down for scenes involving it on July 26th.

July 26: Joan gives Bette Davis a Pepsi-Cola cooler.

Mid-August: Joan's twin daughters return home from summer camp.

August 18: Joan writes to biographer Jane Kesner Ardmore informing her that during the filming of "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" she and Bette Davis eat lunch alone in their individual dressing rooms.

September 5: Joan and Bette Davis meet with photographer Milton Greene, and pose for publicity photos for "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"

September 10: Joan completes filming on "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" and leaves for New York City in preparation to attend the dedication ceremonies of two new Pepsi-Cola bottling plants in Ogdensburg, New York, and Robinson, Illinois.

September 12: Joan attends the dedication ceremony for a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Ogdensburg, New York. Joan is accompanied by Pepsi-Cola president Herbert L. Barnett and Canadian Pepsi-Cola president Frank W. McIntosh.

September 12 (#2): Principal photography completes on "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" Joan had completed her scenes on September 10th.

September 13: Joan travels to Robinson, Illinois to attend the dedication ceremony for a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant.

September 14: Joan attends the dedication ceremony for a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Robinson, Illinois.

September 14 (#): The wrap party for "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" is held on the film's sound stage. Joan doesn't attend the party, being that she had already left California for New York City on September 10th.

September 30: Joan agrees to allow Bette Davis first billing on “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” Saying “Bette has the bigger part and deserves it, but our names will come on the same line.”

October 1: Joan appears on the premiere episode of “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson." Other guests include Tony Bennett, Mel Brooks, and announcer Ed McMahon. A reporter said of the episode, “Tony Bennett is an excellent singer, but he didn't talk much, and Mel Brooks talked a lot without making too much headway. Joan Crawford provided a charming interlude. There were some interesting pictures of her during earlier days."

October 9: Joan attends the premiere of "A Long Day's Journey Into Night" at the Tower East Theater in New York. Joan is late to the film's showing but the film's producer, Joseph E. Levine, held the film until Joan's arrival, which drew cheers from on-looking fans when Joan stepped out of the limo.

October 12: Joan donates autographed copies of "A Portrait of Joan" to the first annual Marymount College Book Fair, held October 12-14 at the Marymount College in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

October 14: Joan appears as a mystery contestant on the television game show "What's My Line?" Joan's appearance was previously recorded at the CBS Studio, located at 254 West 54th Street in New York City.

October 17: Joan attends the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Cheverly, Maryland.

October 18: Columnist Earl Wilson reports that Joan is planning to take college business courses.

October 20: The first preview of "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" is held in Long Beach, California.

October 22: Joan attends an special invitational screening of "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" at the RKO 86th Street Theater in New York. The invitation extended to Warner Bros. east coast executives and publicity staff. Joan attends the screening accompanied by Pepsi-Cola executives.

October 25: Joan departs New York on promotional trips for "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" and "A Portrait of Joan." On this day she arrives on her first stop in Detroit, Michigan. While in Detroit, Joan stays at the Sheraton Cadillac Hotel. The cities included on Joan's travel itinerary until November 20th are: Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Pittsburgh, Philadelphia; Atlantic City, New Jersey; St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis Tennessee.

October 26: Joan attends an autograph session for "A Portrait of Joan" from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at J.L. Hudson's department store in Detroit, Michigan. Afterword, Joan continues her tour by traveling from Detroit to Chicago, Illinois. While in Chicago, stays at the Ambassador Hotel.

October 27: Joan hosts a preview screening of "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" for the press in Chicago, Illinois. The film officially does not open to the public in Chicago until October 31st.

October 29: Joan is interviewed for television by Lee Phillip of WBBM-TV at the Pump Room in Chicago, Illinois.

November: Joan cancels starring in the film “Lady In A Cage." This is following the production having multiple issues with financing, and her agreed salary can no longer be met. Joan says publicly that she declined the role to avoid type-casting, being that she had recently portrayed a character in similar circumstances in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"

November: Joan is approached to guest star on the television show “The Virginian” in the episode “The Man Who Wouldn't Die." However, Joan declines due to scheduling conflicts with her Pepsi-Cola commitments.

November 1: Joan travels to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on her promotional tour for "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" and "A Portrait of Joan." Upon arriving, Joan attends an autograph session from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Horne's department store. Afterward, she attends a press conference in the conference room of the Hilton Hotel.

November 5: Joan, Bette Davis and Robert Aldrich host a press party at 21 in New York City. The cocktail party is also attended by producers with Seven Arts, who contributed financing for the film.

November 7: "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" premieres nationally in America.

November 12: Joan attends an autograph session for "A Portrait of Joan;" which begins at 2:00 pm at Goldsmith's department store in Memphis, Tennessee.

November 19: Joan attends an autograph session for "A Portrait of Joan" from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on the second floor of the Stix, Baer and Fuller department store in St. Louis, Missouri.

November 26: Joan attends a Pepsi-Cola convention at the Queen Anne Hotel in Montreal, Canada. While in Montreal, Joan also promotes "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" and her autobiography "A Portrait of Joan."

November 27: Joan attends an autograph session from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm for her book "A Portrait of Joan" in the Eaton's department store restaurant in Montreal, Canada. During the autograph session, Joan is interviewed by Montreal reporter Jennifer Lindsay.

November 30: Joan attends an autograph session for "A Portrait of Joan" from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on the first floor of Strawbridge's department store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

December 12: Joan appears on the game show “Password” with Barry Nelson. During her appearance, Joan promotes her films "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" and "The Caretakers."

December 13: Joan attends the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Muncie, Indiana.

Late December: Joan vacations in Montego Bay, Jamaica.