​​​The Joan Crawford Chronicle


​​January: Joan's Fifth Avenue apartment is repaired from water damage.

January 15:
Following a preview screening of "The Caretakers" Joan sends the following letter to Hall Bartlett berating him for cutting some of her scenes
​from the film

 ​"There is no rhyme nor reason for my performance in "The Caretakers", since you have eliminated my scenes with McBain, and all cuts and looks that I played subtly to indicate my attraction for Stack. Cutting the scene where McBain accuses me of being in love with Stack was drastic beyond belief; and my one big scene of trying to sell Herbert Marshall on my old-fashioned ideas was the crux of my performance. Anyone could have played my part as it stands now. I'm heartsick beyond belief."

January 18: Joan attends a Democratic fund-raising show in Washington, D.C.​​

Late-January: Joan cancels her upcoming appearance on "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson". ​The show was scheduled to be filmed on February 18th.​​

February: Filmmaker Victor Stoloff  negotiates with Joan on starring in his independent film "The Movie Fan".

February 10: Joan returns home to New York from a vacation in Jamaica.

February 11: Joan travels to Washington, D.C. on a Pepsi-Cola trip.​​​​​​

February 12: Joan returns to New York from Washington, D.C.​​

​​February 12 (#2): Joan attends the Variety Club's “Heart Of Gold” Luncheon in honor of Drew Pearson at the Statler-Hilton hotel.
February 18: Joan is scheduled to appear on "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson" on NBC on this date, however canceled her appearance in late January. Someone with the television show made a mistake in properly relaying the cancellation and therefore the show didn't learn about it until it was noticed Joan had not arrived at the studio for the taping.
     Joan had planned to appear on the show to receive an award and discuss the "CARE" charity organization.

February 23: Joan is presented with the "Pally Award" by Pepsi-Cola at the 14th annual Pepsi-Cola banquet at the Americana Hotel in New York.

February 24: Joan attends the 1963 Palm Beach Heart Ball, held in the Celebrity Room of the Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Late February: Joan is honored at a Lambs Club dinner.​​​​

March: Joan is rumored of being romantically-linked to New York Governor, Nelson Rockefeller.​ Even to the extent that she and Rockefeller plan to marry, however, Joan and Rockefeller's representative deny the rumors.
     Regarding the rumor, ​Joan says "How can you be engaged to a man who has never asked you for a date?".

March 7: Joan appears as a guest on "The Merv Griffin Show"​​.

March 22: Joan is presented with an award by the Philadelphia Club of Advertising Women for "perseverance and courage" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

March 28: It's announced Joan will star in the film "Sex And Miss. McAdoo".​​

April: Joan (a co-producer) and producer Tom McDermott begin presenting the new television series "Royal Bay" (Later re-titled "Della") to television production companies.

April 1: Joan travels to Tulsa, Oklahoma on Pepsi-Cola business.​​ While in Tulsa, Joan stays at the Mayo Hotel.

April 4: Joan travels from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Los Angeles, California. ​​

April 6: Joan attends the “Lambs Gambol”. John Wayne is the guest of honor.

April 8: Joan attends the 35th annual Academy Awards ceremony at the Santa Monica Civil Auditorium in Santa Monica, California ​.
     Joan presents David Lean the Best Director award for "Lawrence Of Arabia", and accepts the Best Actress award on behalf of Anne Bancroft.​

April 10: Pepsi-Cola’s annual statement lists Joan as receiving $ 38,600 annually from the corporation for public relations, sales promotion and as a director.
​In addition, as widow of former Pepsi-Cola president, Alfred Steele, Joan receives Steele’s company pension.

April 13: Along with fellow co-stars Robert Stack and Janis Paige, Joan co-hosts a special screening of "The Caretakers" at the Lytton Center in Hollywood, California.​​​​

April 14: Joan travels with her secretary, Betty Barker, from Los Angeles to San Francisco​​, California.
    ​While in San Francisco, Joan stays at the Fairmont Hotel.

April 16: Joan travels with her secretary, Betty Baker, from San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii to host the Pepsi-Cola sponsored "Kaiser Cookout" competition. ​​While in Hawaii, Joan stays at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. 

​​April 24: Joan travels from Honolulu, Hawaii to San Diego, California. While in San Diego, Joan stays at the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island.

April 26: Joan is awarded the first annual award of merit by the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers for her outstanding contributions to the Motion Picture Industry, while at a convention at Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California.

April 26 #2:Joan travels from San Diego to Los Angeles, California.​​

April 27: Joan travels home from Los Angeles, California to New York City.

May 1: Joan attends the annual Pepsi shareholder's meeting in Wilmington, Delaware.

May 3: Joan meets with President John F. Kennedy at the White House in Washington, D.C.​​

May 3 (#2): Joan's brother, Hal LeSueur, dies of a ruptured appendix in Los Angeles, Califronia​​ at the age of 59.​​
     Joan does not attend her brother's funeral, however, she pays to have her brother buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.​

May 21: Joan stays at the Baker Hotel in Dallas, Texas while in town on Pepsi business.

May 22: Joan attends a special screening of "The Caretakers" held for senators and their staffs in the New Senate Office building in Washington, D.C. The screening is followed by a reception in honor of Joan and co-star Robert Stack, the film's writer Henry P. Greenburg and producer/director Hal Bartlett.​​​​

May 27: Joan appears on the television game show "I've Got A Secret".​​

Late May: Joan signs-on to star in "Strait-Jacket" after actress Joan Blondell has to drop-out due to a severe injury.​​

Late May: Joan has dinner at ​​Le Chateau Richelie in New York.

June 10​​: Joan and producer Tom McDermott  unsuccessfully offer the television series "Royal Bay" (Also known as "Della") to several network executives. ​The  series is shortly later accepted by Four Star Productions with a fall 1963 filming schedule.

June 10 (#2): Joan enrolls her twin daughters in summer camp and pays the tuition fee for both twins in the amount of $1,591.50.

June 13: Joan attends the film premiere of Federico Fellini's "8 1/2".​​​​

June 19: A newspaper announcement is published which Joan has printed in honor of her young "Strait-Jacket" co-star Vickie Cos. ​It reads: ​"My dear Vickie, I want to congratulate you on your absolutely fabulous performance on the 'Dr. Kildare' show on May 30. You have a lovely talent​​ and will go far."

June 19 (#2): Joan attends the 46th annual Lions Club Convention in Miami Beach, Florida.​​ During her stay, Joan chips a tooth, and has it repaired
​by Dr. Donald Michnoff.

Late June: Joan attends the 13th annual Berlin Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.​​​​

Early July: Joan returns home to New York, before traveling two days later to Los Angeles to begin filming preparations for "Strait-Jacket".​​

July: Joan's television series "Royal Bay"  is accepted by Four Star Productions​​

July: Joan appears on NBC Radio’s Monitor 63’s “Ring Around The World" segment.

July 10: Joan receives the "City of Hope Award" for her contributions to the City of Hope Hospital. ​The award is given to Joan at the "Night of The Stars" dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel​​

July 11: Joan attends wardrobe fittings and tests for "Strait-Jacket".​​

July 22: Filming begins on "Strait-Jacket".​​
Upon Joan's request, her "Strait-Jacket" co-star, Anne Helm, is fired. ​Helm was originally to have played the role of "Carol Harbin".
Click here to be directed to an interview with Helm describing her experience on "Strait-Jacket".​

July 23: Diane Baker is hired to play the role of "Carol Harbin" in "Strait- Jacket".​​

August 5 - 9: Joan and the cast and crew of "Strait-Jacket" do location filming in Riverside, California.

August 14: Joan hosts a party for co-star Vicki Cos on the set of "Strait-Jacket" at Columbia​​ after Vicki's recent "Dr. Kildare" appearance.

Mid-August: Joan signs-on for the "Route 66" episode "Same Picture, Different Frame"​​.

August 19: William Castle reports Joan will receive 20% of the film proceeds for "Strait-Jacket".​​

August 20: Joan is presented with a Black Belt Award in recognition of the skills she acquired in the oriental art of
​self-defense for “
The Caretakers”.​​

August 21: Joan reports at 8:30 am to record a series of trailers and promos for "Strait-Jacket"​​.
​These recordings include the short promotional film "How To Plan A Movie Murder," with William Castle and Robert Bloch.
     On this day, Joan also records the following promos; A promotional advertisement for the "CARE"​ charity organization, A 2-minutes promo sponsored by Pepsi-Cola for the 1964 Miss America Pageant.

August 21 (#2): Joan and William Castle host a wrap party for "Strait-Jacket".​​

August 21 (#3): "The Caretakers" is released nationally.
     Click here for detailed information regarding the film.​​​

August 24: Joan leaves Los Angeles for New York upon completion of "Strait-Jacket".​​

August 29: Joan attends the opening of a Pepsi-Cola plant opening in Windsor, Connecticut.​​
     Joan is accompanied by Connecticut Governor John N. Dempsey ​

September 2: Joan travels to Monmouth, Maine to film the "Route 66" episode "Same Picture, Different Frame".

September 7: Joan, along with Mary Ann Mobley (Miss America 1959), appear in commercials for Pepsi-Cola during the televised 1964 Miss America Pageant ​​on CBS. Pepsi-Cola is a sponsor of the pageant.

September 9: Joan stops during filming of the "Route 66" episode to meet with ​​13-year old polio-patient, Dennis Walker.

September 15: Joan returns to New York after filming her scene for "Route 66".​​

September 21: Joan appears in "Business Week" magazine in an article entitled "The Other Life Of Joan Crawford".​​

October: It's announced that Joan is scheduled to be a guest star on an upcoming episode of "The Perry Como Show".

Early October: Joan is award an honorary Black Belt from the National Judo Association for the Judo training she received in preparation for her role in
​"The Caretakers".​​

October 4: Joan appears on "Route 66" in the episode "Same Picture, Different Frame".​​​​

October 7: Filming begins on television pilot "Royal Bay​​" (Later re-titled "Della").

October 21: Joan reports that the television pilot "Royal Bay" may be sold as a feature film, rather than a series. However, Tom McDermott says "It's just a possibility."

October 24: Filming completes on "Royal Bay".​​

October 25: Joan hosts a press conference and attends the opening of a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in New Orleans, Louisiana.​  Joan wears a two-piece dress of sheer gray wool and silverfox hat.

October 26: Joan arrives in Los Angeles from New Orleans, Louisiana.​​

October 29: Joan travels from Los Angeles to ​​New York.

October 31: Joan travels from New York to Chicago, Illinois to host the "Stars For Mental Health Ball" on November 1st.

November: Joan is a leading contender among producers for the role of "Polly Adler" in the film version of Alder's book "A House Is Not A Home".​​

Early-November: Joan attends a private Pepsi-Cola cocktail party and dinner. To the guest's surprise, Joan greets each visitor at the entrance. ​​

November 1: Joan hosts the "Stars For Mental Health Ball" in Chicago, Illinois.
     Among the guests are; ​​​Carolyn Jones, Alice Fay, Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, Marty Allen, and Steve Rossi.

November 3: Joan returns to New York from Chicago, Illinois. ​​

November 3 #: It's reported Robert Aldrich is discussing the lead role with Joan in "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?". Aldrich describes the film as "a murder-comedy set in the twenties".

November 19: It's reported Joan and Bette Davis are in negotiations to re-team for "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?"​​

November 20: Joan arrives in Dallas, Texas in preparation for a Pepsi-Cola convention at the Baker Hotel on November 22nd.
November 21: Joan, accompanied by Richard Nixon,  are the guests of honor at a cocktail party in the Terrace Room of the Baker Hotel in Dallas, Texas.​​
     ​At the party, Joan wears a white matt crepe cocktail dress with a white sable boa and matching sable hat.

November 22: Joan is in her ​​suite at the Baker Hotel in Dallas, Texas when she learns the news of the shooting of President John F. Kennedy.
     Joan is in Dallas attending a Pepsi-Cola  convention ​​of 500 franchised bottlers held at the Baker Hotel.
​With Joan is Richard Nixon, Pepsi executive Mitchell Cox, and the 1964 Miss. America winner, Donna Axum.

     On the afternoon of November 22, Joan and the Pepsi-Cola convention pause to watch the Kennedy motorcade pass the Baker Hotel, afterward, Joan leaves the convention to go to her suite.
     Upon hearing​ the news of President Kennedy, Joan sends a message to Mitchell Cox asking him to call her.
​At the time, Cox is speaking downstairs at the convention and ignores the request. Joan then sends Cox a note reading "My first impression is that it was the crudest, dumbest of joke I ever heard."

December 3: William Castle reports that he wants Joan for his next film, entitled "Dream Killer". (Later re-titled "The Night Walker", and starring Barbara Stanwyck)​​

December 4: Joan attends a USO banquet at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The affair honored Gen. Douglas MacArthur with New York City USO's gold medal award.

December 13: Joan hosts a party (on Friday the 13th) at Voisin in New York for "Strait-Jacket".​​

December 19: Joan signs her contract to portray the character of "Miriam Deering" in the film "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?" (later re-titled "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte").​ ​​
     ​Joan is the first member of the cast to be officially signed.

December ​​23 - 27: Joan spends the holidays in Jamaica.

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