​​​The Joan Crawford Chronicle


January: Joan tours the country promoting the release of “Strait-Jacket.

January 5: Joan travels from New York to PittsburghPennsylvania, where she resides in the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel.

January 7: Joan travels from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Indianapolis, Indiana, where she resides in the Manager Motor Inn.

January 8: Joan is awarded an honorary Hoosier Award "in recognition of her distinguished contributions to the arts of the business world and for her great devotion to humanitarian causes" by the Indiana Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Association.

January 9:Strait-Jacket” is released in theaters nationwide.

January 9 (#2): Joan travels from Indianapolis, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois​. Joan stays in the Ambassador East Hotel during her visit.

January 12: Joan travels from Chicago, Illinois to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she resides at the Bellevue Hotel.

January 13: Joan makes a personal appearance at Wanamaker's Department store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she is interviewed and signs autographs for fans while promoting the opening of "Strait-Jacket."

January 14: Joan travels from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Boston, Massachusetts​​.

January 15: While in Boston, Massachusetts, Joan gives an interview to "Life" magazine for the article “The Well-Planned Crawford”. ​The article later appears in the ​February 21, 1964 issue of "Life" magazine. which to Joan's dismay, leaks her hotel requirements list. 
     ​Also during Joan's visit in Boston, she has lunch with the Boston movie critics.​

January 16: Joan travels from Boston, Massachusetts to Toronto, Canada, where she resides at the Royal Yorke Hotel.

January 18: Joan travels from Toronto Canada to New York City.

February 3: It’s reported that “Strait-Jacket” has so far grossed $4,000,000 domestically, and $7,000,000 worldwide, and has moved ahead of "Cleopatra" on the list that records the top financial film grossers.

Mid-February: Joan vacations in Jamaica.

February 9: Robert Aldrich confirms the production contract and distribution agreement with 20th Century Fox ​​for the film "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?"

February 19: Joan travels from Jamaica to New York City.​

February 20: Robert Aldrich returns to Los Angeles after location scouting in Mississippi and Louisiana for "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?"​​

February 22: Joan attends the Pepsi-Cola Distributor's Association's 15th annual banquet in the Imperial Ballroom at the Americana Hotel in New York City.
The banquet is attended by over 1,000 New York Pepsi distributors, their wives and families.​
     ​At one point during the banquet, Joan accompanies comedians Marty Allen and Steve Rossi on stage. As Allen kneels while bowing to Joan on stage, he splits his pants.

February 29: Joan attends a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant dedication ceremony in Corpus Christi, Texas, which is attended by approximately 3,900 people. ​​​Joan is accompanied by Pepsi-Cola president Donald Kendall and Kendall's wife. At the dedication, Joan wears a pink wool suit with matching hat, with a silk blouse and matching gloves. ​
​     Joan departs the plant dedication at 1:00 PM, on route to New York City.

Joan travels to Nassau in the Bahamas on Pepsi-Cola business.

March: Joan presents musician Lionel Hampton with the "Playboy Jazz" award. ​After accepting the award, Hampton announces that his band must drink only Pepsi-Cola from now on.

March: Joan's daughter, Cathy, has surgery to have her wisdom teeth extracted and stays overnight in the hospital to recover. ​​​​

Early March: Robert Aldrich meets with Joan in New York regarding preparations for "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?"​​

March 6: Joan signs an amended agreement in regard to her December 19, 1963 contract with The Associates & Aldrich Company to appear in the film
​"What Ever Happened to Cousin Charlotte?" Terms of this amended contract include that her publicity appearances would be without Bette Davis​.

March 11: Robert Aldrich announces he hopes to start filming "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?" around the first of May. Aldrich ​cites who will play the role of "Charlotte" is still "undecided."

March 12: Robert Aldrich announces "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" is the new title for "What Ever Happened To Cousin Charlotte?" ​​

March 17: It's officially announced that Bette Davis will co-star with Joan in "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."​​
On January 23, 1964, Davis signed an employment contract with Associate & Aldrich ​to appear in the film "What Ever Happened to
​Cousin Charlotte
?" This contracted was followed by an agreement dated April 6, 1964 between Davis and The Associates & Aldrich Company that rehearsals for the film will commence on May 11, 1964, and that principal photography will commence on May 25, 1964.

March 23: Joan dines at the 21 Club restaurant in New York for her birthday. ​​During her birthday dinner, Joan is presented with a special portrait of
​"The Dragon Lady" cartoon, which was physically modeled after Joan' appearance in the film "The Bride Wore Red," by cartoonist/artist Milton Caniff.

March 23 (#2): Joseph Cotten signs-on to co-star with Joan and Bette Davis in "Charlotte."​​

March 25: Agnes Moorehead signs-on to co-star with Joan and Bette Davis in "Charlotte."

April: Joan negotiates with producer Arthur Hoffe on starring in his film "Strange Story" with Ann-Margret.

April 4: Joan travels to Los Angeles, California.​ to begin preparations for "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."

April 6: Joan reports for wardrobe fittings and tests for "Charlotte."

​​Mid-April: Joan travels from Los Angeles to San Francisco, California.

April 14: Joan travels from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii for the Pepsi-Cola sales convention and to host the Kaiser Cookout Competition.

April 15: Joan attends a party given in her honor by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Hastings. The party is held on the Executive Lanai ​​of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

April 18: Joan attends the Kaiser Cookout Competition held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. ​​The winner is announced at an awards banquet on April 20th.

April 20: Joan attends the Kaiser Cookout Competition awards ceremony ​​and announces the winner and runner ups of the contest. The ceremony is held at 6:30 pm in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Long House.

April 25: Joan attends the dedication ceremony for the new Pepsi-Cola plant in Tupelo, Mississippi.​​

April 26: Joan attends the dedication ceremony of the new Beaman Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Nashville, Tennessee. The open house to the public begins at 1:00 P.M. and last until 5:00 pm.

Late April: Joan returns home to New York City for a few days before traveling onward to Los Angeles, California. 

Late April: Joan arrives in Los Angeles, California for a three-day stay to meet with Robert Aldrich in regard to "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte," and with Columbia executives in regard to "Strange Story."

May: Columbia Pictures considers financially backing both the production and release ​of "Strange Story," with Joan in the film's lead role.

May 1: Columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports that film producer Ross Hunter is interested in casting Joan and Rock Hudson in a film adaption of Thomas Wolfe's novel "The Web and The Rock."​​

May 4: By invitation from ex husband Franchot Tone, Joan attends the premiere of his new play "The Dirty Old Man" at the Theatre de Lys in New York.

May 5: Mary Astor signs-on to co-star with Joan in "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte." 
​     Previously, Barbara Stanwyck was the top contender for the role of "Jewel Mayhew" prior to Astor signing. ​In an April​​​ 17th, 1964 wire Bette Davis sent to General Artists Corporation, Davis objected to the consideration of Stanwyck for the role, saying ​"an actress of the stature of Stanwyck as Jewel is an insult to both Crawford and me. Like old home week with the old girls from the Warner lot."

May 6: Joan hosts a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall in New York with musician Lionel Hampton to benefit the Wiltwyck School for Boys.

May 14: Joan wires Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor on the set of William Castle‘s “The Night Walker” to wish them as much luck as she had with “Strait-Jacket.

May 14 (#2): Joan, Bette Davis and Robert Aldrich hold a press conference for discussing "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."​​

May 18: The cast of "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" meets for the first day of rehearsals on the Fox sound stage. (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")​​

May 25: Joan and Bette Davis attend wardrobe fittings on the 20th Century lot in preparation for "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."​

May 30: The "Charlotte" production crew of 70 travels to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for location filming. ​Joan travels alone and arrives on June 2nd.​​

June 1: Filming begins on "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" on location in Darrow, Louisiana at the Houmas House Plantation, and other locations near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

June 2: Joan arrives in Louisiana to begin filming on "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte." Upon her arrival, Joan begins hair and wardrobe tests on location at the Houmas House Plantation.

June 3: Joan begins her first day of filming on "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."​​

June 3 #2: Joan and Bette Davis attend a reception in their honor by Louisiana Governor John J. McKeithen​​ at the governor's mansion.

June 5: Joan films her scenes on "Charlotte" with Mary Astor. ​

June 10-12: Joan films her location scenes with Bette Davis, the first being the arrival of Joan's character to the mansion.​ (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")

​​June 10 to early-August: Filming with Bette Davis on "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" is endangered when Paramount Pictures files a petition in a Californian court to legally restrain Davis from offering her services to any other film. ​
     ​The injunction petition is in conjunction with a May 21st,1964 lawsuit Paramount Pictures filed against Davis seeking $7,000.00 in damages, claiming Davis had broken a prior contractual filming agreement in refusing to report back to Paramount Pictures to film an added scene of her character "going mad" in a 90 second scene for Paramount's "
Where Love As Gone."​
​     Davis refused to film the additional scene on the grounds it is inconsistent with the character and that 90 seconds isn't enough time to effectively portray a woman going mad.
     20th Century Fox attorneys Gerald G. Kelly and Frank H. Ferguson appeared before Judge Macklin Fleming to request the injunction against Davis be deferred until her completion of "Charlotte," asserting that 20th Century Fox would lose $500,000 if Davis was prevented from completing "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte.
  •      On June 10th, Superior Court Judge Macklin Fleming grants Paramount Picture's petition for an injunction to prevent Davis from further filming on "Charlotte" until she completes the 90-second scene for "Where Love Has Gone." ​However, Judge Fleming grants a legal stay of the order until June 16th to allow Davis' attorney, Morris Levine, time to seek a legal writ from the District Court of Appeals.
  •      ​On June 16th, the injunction is given another legal stay until June 22nd.
  •      On June 29th, Davis' attorney asks the District Court of Appeals to set aside the prior injunction against Davis.​​
     To read a legal brief regarding Paramount Pictures' lawsuit petition against Davis, click here.​​​

June 12: Last day of location filming in Louisiana for "Charlotte."​​ (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")​​

June 13: The cast and crew of "Charlotte" return to Los Angeles.​​
     ​Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Joan checks herself into Cedars of Lebanon Hospital with what her doctor calls an upper respiratory virus infection. A hospital spokesman says her condition is good, but will remain under treatment for a few days.

June 15: Joan's stand-in, E.M. Jones, is used for scenes involving her.​​ (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")
June 15: The mayor of Los Angeles names June 15th "Joan Crawford-Bette Davis Day" in Hollywood in honor of them starting “Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte.“ Aware of the sensitivity both actresses have regarding billing, two signs are made. One reading “Joan Crawford/Bette Davis Day” and the other reading “Bette Davis/Joan Crawford Day.”​​

June 16 - 19: Filming on "Charlotte" is shot around Joan while she is in the hospital. On June 19, Robert Aldrich is told Joan has a bad case of dysentery​​ and an excessively high white blood cell count. (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")

June 21: Due to her illness, Joan cancels her previously scheduled appearance at the opening day of the American Grocers five-day convention in Miami, Florida. The convention was originally going to begin with a report presented by Joan that detailed the influence of the teenage market.

June 25: Joan tells Robert Aldrich her new script ideas for her character, "Miriam." Feeling that her character needs more background information for the audience, such as a flashback scene of her as a young woman. Joan also feels that her character should have more gentlemen suitors - at least two. Joan also suggests a "southern ball" at Charlotte's mansion welcoming her character back to town.
     ​When Bette Davis is told of Joan's script requests, she criticizes them and demands there to be no script revisions for the character of "Miriam."​ 
(Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")

June 26: Joan is released from Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, only to be re-admitted two days later.

June 28: Joan is re-admitted to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital.​​
June 30: Joan's condition develops into pneumonia. (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")
     ​Robert Aldrich announces production on "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" will shut-down on July 2 for Joan to recover from her illness.

Mid July: Joan's daughter, Christina travels to Los Angeles, California from Chicago, Illinois to visit with Joan for one week.

July 20: Joan returns to the 20th Century lot for wardrobe re-fittings for "Charlotte" due to her weight loss from her illness. Joan also meets with Robert Aldrich to review new script revisions for her character.

July 22: Joan's daughter, Christina, is interviewed at 12:30 pm on the Chicago, Illinois AM radio show "Sig's Show."​ Joining Christina on the show is her "Sundays In New York" play co-star Johnny Desmond.

July ​​21-24: Joan leaves the set at around noon each day. (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")
July 25 -26: Robert Aldrich hires a private eye to surveillance Joan at her Fountain Avenue apartment, however no activity of interest is reported.​ 
​(Source: Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud)

July 27: Joan reports to the "Charlotte" set, however, leaving at 12:55 pm.
​     Robert Aldrich and 20th Century Fox executives meet regarding Joan's minimal work performance. Joan's attorney, Leonard Rosen, is informed if Joan doesn't work longer days that the film could be canceled, or Joan could be replaced. (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")

July 28 (#1): To Robert Aldrich's satisfaction, Joan works a total of 5 1/2 hours on the set of "Charlotte." (Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")

July 28 - August 9: Joan's daughter, Christina, replaces actress Kathy Nolan in the play "Sunday In New York​" at the Pheasant Run Playhouse in Chicago, Illinois. The play's promotional advertisements indicate that Christina is Joan Crawford's daughter. 
July 29: Joan films several scenes for "Charlotte," including the "staircase murder scene" with Agnes Moorehead,​ before informing director Robert Aldrich that she has over exerted herself and needs to leave the set early to rest. Aldrich closes down production until August 3rd.​

July 31: Joan consents to a medical examination by the production's insurance doctor. The doctor reports that Joan has a temperature of 99.2, her white blood cell count was a little over 11,000 and says that while Joan does have symptoms of a cold, however, that it's nothing serious enough that would prevent Joan from working on the set full-time.​​(Source: "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud")

August 1: Joan is admitted back into Cedars of Lebanon Hospital.​​

August 4: Production shuts down indefinitely on "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."​​

August 5: Robert Aldrich begins actively seeking replacements for Joan in "Charlotte."​​

August 8: Joan reports to the press that her doctors have advised her she will have to rest for a month to fully recover from her recent illness., which is described as a respiratory virus infection.

August 10: In a press release, Joan says that she expects she'll be replaced in "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte,"​​ saying "I've read where Loretta Young might replace me; I think she would be wonderful in the part."

August 19: Joan's friend and co-biographer, Jane Kesner Ardmore, visits her in the hospital.​​

August 20: Robert Aldrich flies to Switzerland to talk with Olivia de Havilland ​about replacing Joan in "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."

August 21-22: Robert Aldrich talks to Olivia de Havilland about the role of "Miriam" in "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" until de Havilland agrees to ​do the role.

August 22: Joan's twin daughters, Cathy and Cindy, return home from summer school.​​
August 24: It's reported that Olivia de Havilland has replaced Joan in "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte."
     ​Joan is informed via the press of her official replacement and later tells reporters that she cried for nine straight hours after learning the news, saying "I'm used to people looking me in the eye, not this indirect treatment."

August 27: Joan is released from Cedars of Lebanon Hospital.​​

September 3: A case of Pepsi is delivered on the set of "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" to refill a Pepsi-Cola machine Joan had installed while still in the production.​​ On September 4th, the Pepsi machine is removed.
     ​On September 8, Robert Aldrich orders a Coke-Cola machine to be installed on the set.

September 10: Joan meets with Frances Spingold at Spingold’s home to discuss an upcoming National Sponsoring Committee dinner. The meeting results in a 30% sale of the 50-table goal the committee had set.

September 29: Joan meets with producer/director William Castle to sign her contract for "I Saw What You Did" and to provide him with medical documents to exhibit that she has fully recovered from her ailment.​​

October: Joan takes a short vacation to Jamaica. While there, Cary Grant invites Joan to a cast and crew screening of “Father Goose.” Joan accepts Grant's invitation, and supplies the screening with Pepsi-Cola.

October 5: Joan serves as general chairman at a dinner at the Americana Hotel in New York honoring Columbia executive Leo Jaffe on his induction as a fellow of Brandeis University. The dinner is attended by over 700 guests.

October 6: Joan attends a preview of the "Women in Politics" exhibit at the Pepsi-Cola gallery.
​The exhibit was prepared by Barnard College, in commemoration of its 75th anniversary​, and is attended by 300 guests.

October 6 (#2) The final draft of "I Saw What You Did" is completed.​

Mid-October: John Ireland is hired to play opposite Joan in "I Saw What You Did."​​​​

Mid-October: Joan has dinner at Forum of 12 Cesar's in New York.​​
October 16: Joan attends the commemorative banquet in honor of the dedication of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Beaumont, Texas.​​​​ 
​     During her visit, Joan resides at the Ridgewood Hotel.​

October 17: Joan opens the "Red Poll Angus Show" at the South Texas State Fair. Following her appearance at the fair, Joan attends the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Beaumont, Texas. ​16,000 people attend the ceremony and tour the new bottling plant. 
October 20: Joan presents Van Johnson with a huge cake marking his 30 years in show business. Johnson is in New York performing in "Latin Quarter."

October 21: Joan attends the premiere of "My Fair Lady" at the Criterion Theater in New York.​​ She is accompanied by Pepsi-Cola executive, Herbert Barnet, and her friend, Frances Spingold.

October 27: Sheila and Gordon MacRae hosts a farewell cocktail party in honor of Joan at Billy Reed's Little Club restaurant in New York as a "bon voyage" before Joan's upcoming trip to Los Angeles to film "I Saw What You Did."

Late-October: Joan attends the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola plant in Raleigh, North Carolina. ​

November 3 - 6: Joan films her scenes at Universal for "I Saw What You Did."

November 6: Joan hosts a party on the set of "I Saw What You Did" for her two teenage co-stars in the film.

November 10: Joan travels to Chicago, Illinois to attend the Pepsi-Cola bottler's convention and stays until November 14th.

November 12: Joan attends, and speaks, at the Chicago Bank Women's annual dinner at the Continental Plaza Hotel. ​During the dinner Joan is asked what was her most difficult film role. She replies "That came in "Mildred Pierce," because I was a waitress and had to serve Cokes."
     While in Chicago, Joan attends Passavant Memorial Hospital's "Christmas Bazaar" bake sale.​

November 14: Joan travels back to Los Angeles, California from Chicago, Illinois.

November 19: Joan spends Thanksgiving with friends Sherrill and Dorothy Corwin in Palm Springs, California.​

November 25: Joan reports to the Universal lot to pose for publicity stills for "I Saw What You Did."

November 26: William Castle hosts a "Meet Joan Crawford" cocktail party on the Universal lot.

November 28: Joan travels home to New York City.​​

December 9: Joan attends the annual USO "Gold Metal Awards Dinner" at the Astor Hotel in New York. Among those also attending are former president Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bob Hope, John Daly and singer Eddie Fisher.​​​

December 13: Joan appears as a mystery guest on "What's My Line?"

December 25: Joan spends Christmas with her daughters Cathy and Cindy, who are home for the holiday.

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