​​The Joan Crawford Chronicle


Two days before Joan is to begin filming on "You'll Hang, My Love" in Spain, the film's financial arraignments fall through, and Joan returns home to New York.​

January 9: Joan hosts a candlelight dinner presented by the New York Couture Business Council in the ballroom of the Pierre Hotel ballroom in New York.
​The dinner is attended by 200 fashion editors in celebration of New York's fashion week, and to honor seven American fashion corresponds who have been covering the New York fashion collection for the past 24 years.

     At the dinner, Joan wears a white embossed dinner gown and jacket with an up-do hairstyle and a tiara. As a gift to the guests, Joan gives out small individual calorie counters.

​January 17: Joan attends a White House gala in Washington, D.C. The event is in honor of Vice President Herbert Humphrey, Chief Justice Earl Wilson and  House Speaker John W. McCormack.
     Prior to the gala's dinner, a tea is hosted from 5:10 - 5:55 pm by First Lady Ladybird Johnson in the West Hall. The tea is attended by Joan, Rosemary Stroer and Liz and Sharon Francis.
     ​The dinner begins in the East Room at 8:25 pm. Among the 190 guests are: Carol Channing; Douglas Fairbanks jr.; Interior Secretary, Stewart Udall; Ambassador Sol Linowitz; U.S. Supreme Court Justice, William O. Douglas and wife Cathleen; New York Governor, Nelson A. Rockefeller; Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine and Marge and Gower Champion.
     At Joan's table, she is seated in close proximity of 23 year old Cathleen Douglas, the new wife of 67 year old Supreme Court Justice, William O. Douglas. During the dinner, Joan is allegedly rude to Mrs. Douglas during a discussion of woodlands. Later when the finger bowls are passed around the table, Mrs. Douglas forgets to place her doily under her finger bowl, and Joan reaches across the table to lift up the finger bowl and place the doily under it while exclaiming "That's how we do it!"

     Following the dinner, the guests are treated to a condensed 30-minute performance of the play "Hello Dolly!" by Carol Channing and the play's company.
    Joan later leaves the White House prior to the end of the gala, and instructs Douglas Fairbanks jr. to tell Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine that she will send her car back for them.​
​     The following day, Joan is criticized in the press for being rude to Cathleen Douglas. ​However, Joan denies to reporters that she was rude. 
Barbara Stanwyck later commented to reporter Shirley Eder that Joan was probably angry she was not seated at the main table.

January 18: Via teleprompter, Joan appears on a 45-minute press presentation by Daytona International Speedway to an estimated 750 media agents in the 12 largest cities in the nation.
     The presentation is to present to the press the upcoming activities and events that will be held at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. Pepsi-Cola is one of the sponsors of the presentation.​​

January 19: Joan travels from New York City to Los Angeles California​ to tape a guest appearance on "Hollywood Palace", to do a recording for Pepsi-Cola, and to sign her contract to appear in "The Man From Uncle" episode "The Five Daughters Affair" (Later released theatrically as "The Karate Killers")

February 3: Joan talks to Detroit newspaper syndicate columnist Shirley Eder​​ regarding the January 17th White House dinner controversy with Cathy Douglas. Joan denies the allegations, and her quotes are published in Eder's February 4th column.​

February 4: Joan attends the gala opening of the Camelot Theater in Palm Springs, California. The theater is opened by Joan's friend, Sherill Corwin.
     The gala includes a Mayor's cocktail party, the screening of "Dr. Zhivago" and a celebrity champagne supper. The $100 per couple gala benefit is on behalf of the "United Funds Charities."​ Among the other celebrities who attend the gala are: Barbara Rush, Suzanne Pleshette, Mr. and Mrs. David Jansses, Bill Bixby, John Shubeck, Lily Pons and Jolie and Eva Gabor​.

Mid-February: Joan films her scenes for "The Man From Uncle" episode "The Five Daughters Affair" on the MGM lot.​​ 
     ​For Joan's return to the MGM lot for the filming of the episode, she is greeted by a red carpet, and a special welcoming lunch given in the MGM commissary, decorated with photos of Joan, and bouquets of flowers. Joan tells reporters "It's like I'd only left yesterday."

Late-February: Joan films her appearance for the "Hollywood Palace."​​

Late-February: Escorted by George Kocens, Joan attends Ednah Root's one-woman show of her paintings and tapestries ​​at the Comara Gallery in Los Angeles, California.​​

February 28: Joan attends Sheilah Graham's book party for "College of One" at L'EToile​​ in New York.

March 8: Joan attends the premiere of the Elizabeth Taylor film "The Taming of The Shrew" ​​at the Coronet Theater in New York City.

March 12: Escorted by Van Johnson, Joan attends a fund-raising dinner at the Waldorf in New York City, sponsored by the New York Association for Brain-Injured Children. Actress Patrica Neal, the parent of a brain-injured child, was the special guest of honor.
​This was Neal's first public appearance since her hospitalization for a series of strokes.
     ​The benefit was also attended by: Rock Hudson, Van Johnson, Leonard Bernstein, publicist John Springer, Otto Preminger, Paul Newman, Alistair Cooke, Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft, and Henry Fonda.

Mid-March: Joan fractures her ankle when she slips on a sheet spread across the floor of her apartment while the apartment is being painted.​​ The incident results in Joan using crutches until her ankle heals.

March 26: Joan attends an Easter Sunday luncheon, dance and fashion show at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York to benefit the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health​​​. Joan Fontaine also attends the benefit.

March 31: Joan appears on the television show "The Man From Uncle" in part one of the episode "The Five Daughters Affair."

​April: At Joan's insistence, the title of "Circus of Blood" is officially changed to "Berserk."​​
April 9: Joan presents actress Helen Hayes ​​with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's first humanitarian award following a performance of Hayes in "Queen Victoria".

Mid-April: "Berserk" co-star Judy Geeson visits Joan at her Fifth Avenue apartment in New York​.

April 18: Joan films an appearance with Judy Geeson on "The Merv Griffin Show".​​ The episode airs on April 30th.

April 22: Joan guest stars as the hostess on the television variety show "The Hollywood Palace".​​

April 23: Joan appears on American Cancer Society's televised "Crusade '67" and recites the poem "Dirge Without Music"​​. Other celebrities that appear on the program are; Sammy Davis jr, Jack Benny, Sherry Lewis and Lorne Greene.

Late-April: Joan vacations in the Palm Springs, California home of close friends Sherill and Dorothy Corwin.​​

April ​​29: Joan attends the City of Hope's "Night of The Stars" banquet at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, California. Joan is escorted to the banquet by George Kocens. Among the other guests are; Jimmy Durante, John Wayne and former California Governor Goodwin J. Knight.
     At the banquet Joan ​receives the City of Hope's "Woman of The Year" award.​

April 30: Joan appears on "The Merv Griffin Show" with Judy Geeson to promote "Berserk." Also appearing on the episode is actor Dom Delouse, and psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Spock. 

​Late-April: Joan is honored at a private party at the Palm Springs, California home of Baroness Rita Kocens. Guests included Robert Taylor and his wife, Robert Gist and Joan's close friends Sherill and Dorothy Corwin.

May 3: Joan does not attend the annual ​Pepsi shareholder's meeting in Wilmington, Delaware. Shareholders notice and inquire about Joan's absence.

May 4: Joan arrives in North Carolina to attend the dedication of a new Pepsi-Cola plant in Burlington, NC.

May 5: Joan attends a press conference in Burlington, N.C. in regard to the opening of the new Pepsi in Burlington.​​​​

May 6: Joan attends a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant dedication ceremony in Burlington, North Carolina.
     The dedication starts at 10:30 a.m. Joan is accompanied by Pepsi-Cola executives James B. Somerall, Samuel Desch and John E. Repko.​
     For further details on this plant dedication, click here.​​​

Mid-May: Joan travels to Mexico City, Mexico to attend the week-long Variety Clubs International Convention​​.

Mid-May: Joan serves as an honorary chairwoman, along with Mary Martin and Helen Hayes for a USO dinner hosted by Merv Griffin at the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center in New York city.

May 27: Joan attends the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Early June: Joan attends a Pepsi- Cola plant dedication ceremony in Dallas, Texas.​​

June 4: Joan attends the 19th annual Primetime Emmy Awards​ held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California. 
June 27: Joan appears on "The Merv Griffith Show" along with Van Johnson, Milt Kamen, Robert Murphy and diplomat Bill Henderson.​​

June 29: A December 1966 interview of Joan with Phillip Jenkinson airs on the BBC in England​​ as part of the "Film Profile" series.

June 30: Joan hosts a photo shoot in her "Fifth Avenue" apartment in which she models various furs.​​

July: Reporter Shirley Eder, Barbara Stanwyck and Joan biographer Jane Ardmore meet in Los Angeles. During their discussions, Joan is mentioned prominently, and later Joan informs Ardmore that she is aware of the meeting, with the knowledge of her being a topic of discussion. ​​

July 1: Joan's daughter, Christina, appears in "Barefoot In The Park" with actor Tab Hunter at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts. ​

July 6: Joan attends the opening of "The Unknown Soldier And His Wife" at the Vivian Beaumont Theater in New York, with dinner following at "21".
     ​Joan wears a green print ensemble on this evening.

Mid-July: Joan signs her contract to appear on the season opening episode of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" on August 25th.

July 26: Joan, accompanied by daughter Christina, arrives in Petersburg, Virginia.

July 27: Joan is guest of honor at a buffet dinner held in the home of Petersburg's Pepsi-Cola plant vice-president Norman Sisisky. The dinner is attended by 40 guests.

​     After the dinner, Joan and Christina attend an invitation-only screening of "Berserk" at 8:15 P.M. at the Walnut Mall theater in Petersburg.
     ​Following the screening, Joan purchases two pairs of sandals for $4.99 a piece and two handbags in the shopping mall.

July 28: Joan and Christina visit the American House in Petersburg, Virginia, and also visits patients at Fort Lee's Kenner Army Hospital.

July 29: Joan and Christina attend the opening dedication ceremony of a Pepsi-Cola plant in Petersburg, Virginia.
Also attending the plant opening is Virginia Governor Mills E. Godwin, Lt. Governor Fred G. Pollard and Pepsi-Cola executive James B. Somerall​.
     Over 2800 people attends the plant opening. ​

July 30: Joan travels to Dallas, Texas for a Pepsi-Cola plant opening.​​

​Mid August: Joan cancels her previously scheduled appearance on "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Show" after receiving the script for the episode.
     ​According to Tom and Dick Smothers, Joan's reason for canceling her appearance was because the script had her playing a queen in a sketch, and Bette Davis had appeared on the show in the previous season playing a queen.​
     Joan had previously scheduled a 10-day trip to Los Angeles for the show's taping, with the expected arrive date of August 16th.​​

August 16: Joan greets the 1968 "Miss America" contestants at Kennedy International Airport in New York before their ​17-day Pepsi-Cola and USO-sponsored tour to entertain troops in Vietnam.

Mid-August (Week of August 21): Joan visits daughter Christina at the Westport Country Playhouse in Westport, Connecticut during a production of "Barefoot In the Park."

August 23: Joan attends Judy Garland's performance at the Palace Theatre in New York City.

Late August: Joan and Van Johnson visit the set of "Rosemary's Baby". ​(​​​New York location filming for the film took place from August 21 - August 27.)
     It has been claimed by actress Rutanya Alda that Joan and Van Johnson filmed a cameo for the film in which Joan and Johnson portray themselves in the lobby of a New York theater where the character of "Rosemary" is attending a performance of "The Fantasticks." However, no corroborating evidence or secondary supporting account of this has been found.

August 30: Joan attends a dinner in New York. Joan is escorted by Cesar Romero. 

September 3: Joan appears on Jerry Lewis' Lador Day Muscular Dystrophy telethon.  
     ​The marathon is broadcast live from the Americana Hotel in New York. The marathon aires from 9:00 pm September 3rd to 5:00 pm September 4th. 
​​Other celebrities who appear are; Cliff Robertson, Thelma Ritter, Jackie Gleason and Joe Namath.

September 5: ​​Joan appears on Virginia Graham's "Girl Talk" with editor Constance Woodward and model Anita Colby.

September 21: Joan Crawford attends the "Farewell Queen Mary" gala aboard the Queen Mary which is docked in New York City​​.

September 29: Joan arrives at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Pepsi-Cola National Conference from October 2nd through the 7th.
     During Joan's stay in Arizona, she receives a telephone call from Lucille Ball offering her a guest spot on her television program "The Lucy Show."​​

October: "Berserk" is released theatrically in the United Kingdom.​​

October 2-7: Joan attends the 1967 Pepsi-Cola ​​National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. All convention business sessions are held at the Townehouse Hotel in Phoenix.

October 2 (#2): Joan appears on "The Merv Griffin Show" and commentates a fashion presentation. ​​

October 3: Joan attends a cocktail party hosted by Pepsi president James B. Somerall and ​​his wife from 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Moonshadows resort and restaurant nears Scottsdale, Arizona.

October 4: Joan, Pepsi-Cola president James B. Somerall, Mrs. Somerall and special guest actor Richard Boone, along with 1,800 other Pepsi-Cola convention delegates and their wives, have a barbecue dinner at the Pennacle Peak restaurant, which is located north of Scottsdale, Arizona. ​​

October 5: Joan attends a women's luncheon and narrates a desert fashion show in the Gold Room of the Arizona Biltmore in Scottsdale, Arizona.

     ​​​In the late afternoon, 
Joan hosts a "big top" cocktail party inside a 125 feet-tall circus tent at the corner of First Street and Adams Street in Phoenix, Arizona. ​​​The circus-themed cocktail party is accented by live lions and elephants, a freak sideshow, a live band and large cardboard cutouts of Joan as "Monica Rivers" in "Berserk." The party is attended by 2,000 guests, including 100 locals. 
     At 8:00 p.m. one section of the circus tent is lifted to reveal a 1,800 feet-long red carpet which lead party goers into the downtown Phoenix Fox Theater for a special screening of "Berserk."​

October 7: Joan, along with Marian Israel, is scheduled to co-chair the Thalians 30th anniversary ball at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California on this date. ​Joan cancels her appearance for this event shortly beforehand.

October 13: Joan signs her contract to appear on "The Lucy Show."

October 31: Joan hosts a Halloween party for the USO at the New York Zoo with all guests wearing animal masks.​​

November: Joan and daughter Christina film an appearance together for "This Was The Mary", a short film honoring the final voyage of the Queen Mary.

Early November: Joan hosts a dinner for actor Richard Boone at 21 in New York City.​​

November 2: Joan attends the annual "Illustrious Graduates" West Point Society dinner at the Americana Hotel in New York.
​The dinner is $50 per plate and is to honor approximately 30 West Point Military Academy graduates. Bob Hopes serves as the master of ceremonies.
     Other guests include; former president Dwight D. Eisenhower and Omar Bradley. Joan is escorted to the dinner by Cesar Romero.​
November 15: Joan acts as chairman of a charity luncheon to benefit Childville of Brooklyn, New York.​​

Mid-November: Joan travels to Chicago, Illinois. As customary with her visits to Chicago, Joan stays at the Ambassador East Hotel. 

November 17: Joan appears on Irv Kupcinet's show in Chicago, Illinois. ​​​​

November 17 (#2): Joan models various hats in her room at the Ambassador East Hotel for fashion editor Peg Zwecker​​'s column in the Chicago Sun Times.

November 23: Joan prepares a Thanksgiving dinner for her domestic employees, which include maid "Mamacita," and Charles Grant. ​​

Late-November: Joan hosts a small dinner at Voisin in New York in celebration of the engagement of her daughter Cathy to Jerome LaLonde, a Navy officer.
Joan's other daughter, Christina, also attends.​ ​​​
November 27: Joan travels to Rio de Janeiro​​, Brasil on Pepsi-Cola business. 

December 1: Joan publicly announces the engagement of her daughter Cathy to Jerome LaLonde.​​​​​​​

December 2: Joan appears on Irv Kupcinet's​​ show while in Chicago, Illinois.
     Other guests to appear on the program are; Shelley Borman, Hugh Downs, Molly Picon and Godfrey Cambridge.​

December 8: "Berserk" is presented on screen to film audiences in Dayton, Ohio​​. This screening is for audience testing in preparation for the film's official release in America.

December 19: Joan and Mrs. Winthrop Rockefeller introduce a midnight floor show​​ during an all-night gala benefit for Childville, a psychiatric residential treatment center for children in Brooklyn, New York.

December 20: Joan and daughter Christina appear on Merle Pollis' radio show on WJAS in Pittsburgh at 7:05 p.m.

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