​The Joan Crawford Chronicle


January 7:
Joan commentates a portion of the Millinery Institute's spring fashion show in New York.
Joan had arrived in a full white mink coat and white mink hat, and before beginning her commentary, she takes off her mink coat and hat and wears an emerald green brimmed bonnet designed by Emme.
     During Joan's commentary, she says "I think dresses today are too short and I think belts are a little too low. it looks like a man's pants falling off.​"
     It was reported that throughout her commentary, Joan laughed out loud and shouted at inappropriate times and ​slurred her speech.
      Newspapers the following day hint at Joan appearing intoxicated at the fashion show and during her commentary.​​ Citing Joan had "obviously had been sipping something stronger than Pepsi-Cola.​"
     Other reports indicate Joan had been ill and attended the show while under the influence of antibiotics.

​​​January 11: "Berserk" opens nationwide in America. For further details about the film (including box office records), click here.

January 15-19: Joan films her scenes for "The Lucy Show".​​

January 22: Joan appears on a live broadcasting of "Art Linkletter's House Party".​​

February 6: Joan attends Marty Allen's "Dr. Faustus" premiere party in New York. Other guests include; Steve Rossi, Jackie Susann and Ed Sullivan.

February 14: Sponsored by Pepsi-Cola board chairman Herbert L. Barnet, Joan is enrolled in the Sales Executives Club of New York. Joan is the first female member of the 35-year-old club.​​​​
     ​Joan is a guest speaker for the club's Valentines Day luncheon at the New York Hilton ​. The luncheon begins at 12:25 PM in the
​Hilton's Trianon Ballroom.

February 26: Joan appears on "The Lucy Show" in the episode "Lucy & The Lost Star".

March 6th: Joan arrives at Love Field airport in Dallas, Texas.

March 8:
Joan presents the awards at the Dallas Press Association awards dinner in Dallas, Texas. ​Joan is honored with ​the "Katie Award".

March 18: Joan attends a Variety Clubs dinner in New York. The dinner is given in honor of Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

March 28: Joan is honored at a Brandeis University dinner at the Americana Hotel in New York.

April: Joan places her "Fifth Avenue" apartment at ​2 East 70th Street​ up for sale.

Joan signs-on for the female lead in the Italian-produced film "The Cats" (Also known as "The Bastard" and "Sons Of Satan")​.  
     ​At the time of the signing of Joan's contract, the film is scheduled to begin filming in May. ​(Filming was later scheduled to begin on June 4).
     For more information regarding Joan's participation in this production, click here.​

April 16: Joan fractures her left ankle and badly sprains her right ankle when she falls down an ​airplane ramp while exiting a plane at the Greater Cincinnati Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio.​​​​ During Joan's stay in Cincinnati, she resides at the Hotel Netherland.​

April 17: Joan speaks at a Cincinnati ​​Advertising Club luncheon, and introduces the 12 finalist in the "Miss Cincinnati-Miss America" ​pageant for 1968.

April 25: Joan arrives wheelchair-bound in Mississippi, where she's greeted at the airport by Mississippi Governor John Bell Williams.
     ​Joan is in Mississippi to attend the 5th annual Mississippi Art Festival in Greenville, Mississippi. Among the other
notable names who attend the festival are; the Lennon Sisters, the Hungarian Quartet and the Briansky Ballet.

April 28: Joan arrives in Los Angeles, California, and gives an interview to Los Angeles news anchorman Piers Anderton in the airport terminal where she appears to be intoxicated.​​
     During the interview, ​Joan explains she had recently broke one ankle and badly sprained the other, and it's possible she was on strong pain medications at the time.

May 2: Joan appears on "The Merv Griffin Show".
     Other guests are; Marlon Brando, Corbett Monica, Monti Rock​​​ and Rita Gardner. 

May 3: Joan attends the "American Women In Radio And Television" Convention in Los Angeles. ​​
​While attending the convention, Joan is interviewed by Ireene Wicker of "The Singling Lady With Ireene Wicker" of  WNYC in New York.

May 18: Still wheerchair-bound from her ankle injury in April, Joan attends a Pepsi-Cola function in Charlotte, North Carolina.​​

May 21: Joan is the guest of honor at a luncheon for the new life-members of Brandeis University.

Early June: Joan suddenly backs out of filming "The Bastard" days before filming is to begin in Madrid, Spain. Joan is later sued for breach of contract by the film's producer ​​Turi Vasile. Rita Hayworth is hired to replace Joan in the role.​
June: Joan sells her apartment at 2 East 70th Street in New York with plans to purchase another apartment on Fifth Avenue, but ultimately purchases an apartment in Imperial House on 69th street in new York.
​     Joan doesn't fully move from the 2 East 70th street apartment until November.​​

June: "The Films Of Joan Crawford" by Lawrence J. Quirk is published.​​

June 3-7: Joan acts as auctioneer on a televised charity auction each day beginning at 1PM.

Mid-June: Joan ​dines with ex-husband, Franchot Tone at Cafe Chauveron in New York.

Early July: Joan has dinner with her daughter Christina, Leo Jaffe and wife and friend Frances Springold.​​

July 6: Joan represents Pepsi-Cola at the 14th annual Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island.
     During the evening presentations,​ as Joan is making a long introduction for Duke Ellington, she is interrupted by some of the audience members when they became impatient and yells for Joan to "wrap it up!" Joan yells back for the yelling audience members to "Shut up!" and threatens to walk off the stage if not shown respect, to which the audience applauds.
Joan finishes her introduction speech in a shacking voice, but not before Duke Ellington appears onstage and gently escorts Joan off the stage.

Late-July: Joan attends a Pepsi-Cola civic function in North Carolina.​​

August: Joan serves as a grand marshal at the 1968 Seattle Seafair in Seattle, Washington.​​

August: Joan purchases apartment 22G in Imperial House at 150 E. 69th Street in New York for $500,000.00.
(Source: Carleton Varney)​​
     Joan hires interior decorator Carleton Varney to decorate the Imperial House apartment.
​(For detailed information, photos and blueprints of this apartment, visit the website's Apartments section)​

August 10: Joan's daughter Cathy marries Jerome LaLonde in a wedding ceremony in Alexander Bay, New York.
​Pepsi board chairman Herbert Barnet walked Cathy down the aisle.

August 28: Joan commentates a Millinery Institute Fashion show at 2:30 P.M. in Boston, Massachusetts. 

September 1: Joan appears on Jerry Lewis' MDA telethon in New York with daughter Christina.

September 6: Joan appears as a guest on Virginia Graham's "Girl Talk" with Colleen Moore.

September 7: Joan appears on the "Miss America" Beauty Pageant to speak on behalf of Pepsi-Cola's sponsorship of the pageant.​​

September 17: Joan appears as a guest on "The Merv Griffin Show".
​     Other guests are Soupy Sales, singer Jimmy Dean and author Thomas Wolfe.

September 18: Joan films her appearance on "The Mike Douglas Show".
​Carleton Varney and daughter Christina accompany Joan to the taping.

​     After the show's taping, Joan receives news that her ex-husband, Franchot Tone, has died at his home in Canada.

September 27: Joan attends the opening of a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Marion, Virginia.​​

October: Joan commentates a charity fashion show.​​

October: Joan begins preparations for her move from her apartment on 2 East 70th Street to her new apartment
​in Imperial House.​​

October 4: ​​Joan holds a press conference and a noon luncheon on the opening day of the "Worlds Food Exposition"
​held at the Dane County Fairground in ​Madison, Wisconsin.

October 15: Joan's daughter, Christina, becomes ill, and has emergency surgery to remove an ovarian tumor.
     ​Joan later volunteers to stand-in for her daughter on the CBS television soap-opera "The Secret Storm", stating she'll take no pay for her appearance, saying "I'll do it for nothing, but I'm afraid they'll have to give me scale. I'll pay my hairdresser with my scale."​

October 18: Joan begins rehearsals for her appearance on "The Secret Storm".​​
     It's publicly announced Joan will fill-in for daughter Christina on "The Secret Storm".​​

October 19: Joan cancels appearing at a Pepsi plant opening ceremony in Greenville, South Carolina based on having a "serious cold."
Webmaster's note: On this weekend, Joan began rehearsals for ​​​"The Secret Storm", therefore, it is possible Joan did not attend the ceremony for this reason.

October 19 (#2): Joan rehearses with "The Secret Storm" director, Gloria Monty, in her "Fifth Avenue" apartment in preparation for her taping on Sunday.​​
     ​Director, Gloria Monty is quoted as saying Joan did a wonderful job during the rehearsals in her apartment.
(Source: "Joan Crawford: A Biography" by Bob Thomas)

October 20: Joan tapes her appearance for four episodes of "The Secret Storm".​​
     ​Director, Gloria Monty, believed Joan was drunk during the taping. Citing that Joan was continuously drinking vodka throughout the day, slurring her speech and missing her cues. (Source: "Joan Crawford: A Biography" by Bob Thomas)
     It should also be noted that Joan was recovering from the flu and her recent illness and any medication she was proscribed could have contributed to her physical condition during the show's taping.​

October 22: Joan attends a luncheon at the Waldorf-Astoria's Starlight Room to aid a convalescent home in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York.
​      At the luncheon, Joan serves as narrator for the film "Convalescent Home Story".​​

October 25, 28, 29, 30 : Joan appears on four episodes of the daytime soap-opera "The Secret Storm" on CBS.

November 19: Joan is honored at an awards luncheon attended by 500 guests at the Biltmore Hotel in Wahington, D.C. as part of First Lady Lady Bird Johnson's "Keep America Beautiful" campaign.

November 25: Joan signs copies of "The Films Of Joan Crawford" at The St. Regis Hotel in New York.

November 26: Joan signs copies of "The Film's Of Joan Crawford" at Stern's Department Store in New York.

November 28: Joan departs​​ New York on a business trip for Pepsi-Cola.

December 3: Joan attends and speaks at the Broadcaster's Association convention in New Haven, Connecticut​​.

December 6: Joan serves as co-chairman for the 13th annual Karen Horney ​​dinner dance in the Imperial Ballroom of the Americana in New York.
​Proceeds will aid the Karen Horney Clinic, which offers psychiatric and psychoanalytic treatment to the underprivileged and conducts research with the American Institute for Psychoanalysis.

December 19: Actor/comedian Marty Allen announces he and Joan will soon do a feature-film together.​

December 27: It's announced that Joan will play the role of real-life interior designer Dorothy Draper in the bio-film "Murder In Chintz". A story about the interior design business written by Joan's own interior designer, Carleton Varney.

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