​​The Joan Crawford Chronicle


​​January 12: 
Joan attends a book publication party hosted by Earl and Rosemary Wilson at the El Morocco restaurant in New York for Jacqueline Susann's book "The Love Machine".  ​Among the 350 guests are; Ethel Merman, Andy Warhol and boxer Sugar Ray Robinson.​​​​
​(Source: "Lovely Me: The Life Of Jacqueline Susann")

​​January 15:  Joan attends the opening of Edith Head's exhibit of her costume designs, which opens at the Wright/Hepburn/Webster Gallery in New York. 

Mid-January: Joan signs-on to star in the "Night Gallery" episode "Eyes".​​

January 22: Joan is given the "Rafael Ramos Cobian Achievement Award"​​ at the El San Juan Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
     ​The award is given by theater owner and film distributor Rafael Ramos Cobian in honor of Joan's contributions to the film industry.

Early February: Joan negotiates co-starring in a film with Marty Allen for Continental Films.

February 1: Joan arrives in Los Angeles, California to begin work on "Night Gallery"​.

February 2: Joan meets with Steven Spielberg in her Los Angeles apartment to discuss "Night Gallery".
     ​Upon arrival, Spielberg is greeted by Joan wearing a mask over her eyes demonstrating her practice to maneuvering around a room as a blind person would. Afterward, Joan and Spielberg go out to eat at Lulu's in Hollywood. (Source: Steven Spielberg: A Biography)

February 3: Joan begins filming on "Night Gallery".
     ​During filming Joan and co-star, Barry Sullivan, have difficultly reciting their lines, and director Steven Spielberg places cue-cards around the set.
​Joan later recalls her experience on "Night Gallery" to a reporter saying she adored Rod Serling and his writing "but his dialogue was the hardest to memorize. There's a rhythm to his words and if you change one of them, the rhythm is off and you can't remember."​​
     Filming concludes nine days later - two days over schedule. ​

February 5: While on the set of "Night Gallery," Joan loses her equilibrium (caused by an inner ear cold).
     Joan ​credits makeup-man Monty Westmore for saving her from a possible injury when ​Joan is stricken by an inner ear cold, causing her to lose her equilibrium while in her bungalow at 5:30 am just as Westmore entered to begin her make-up for the day.
February 20: Joan addresses sales and marketing executives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
     ​While there, Joan is presented with a gift box of Wisconsin cheese from Governor Knowles. Later, in Joan's​ hotel room at the Pfister Hotel, Joan visits with Mark Krolicki, an eight-year old boy with muscular dystrophy, who brings Joan roses and a box of Wisconsin cheese.

February 28: Joan attends the International Film Awards dinner at the American Hotel in New York.

March 1: Joan attends the Golden Ball dinner at the Greenbrier in New Brunswick, New Jersey.​​ 500 people attend the ball, which is sponsored by the local Women's Club. Joan arrives at 7:00 p.m. dressed in a gold sequined sheath dress, with a matching jacket and a mink turban. 

March 13: Joan's daughter, Christina Crawford, appears on Virginia Graham's show "Girl Talk." Also guest appearing is actress Constance Ford.​​

Early-April: Joan attends the wedding anniversary party of friend, comedian Marty Allen, and his wife Lorraine "Frenchy"​​, at the El Morocco restaurant in New York.

April 8: Joan attends a luncheon in Dothan, Alabama. The luncheon is held to acquaint businessmen with the industrial investment in Alabama.​​

April 14: Joan attends the 41st annual Academy Awards ceremony at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California.

April 18: Joan travels to Lima, Ohio from Los Angeles to attend the opening ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant.

April 19: Joan attends the grand opening ceremony of the Lima, Ohio Pepsi-Cola plant.

April 26: Joan attends the Pepsi-Cola bottling plant dedication ceremony in Johnson City, Tennessee. ​​For the ceremony, Joan wears a grey silk suit and matching pillbox hat.​

May 10: Joan visits Rochester, New York.​

Mid-May: Joan signs-on for the lead role in "Trog".

June 12: Rafael Ramos Cobian and his wife give Joan a 'bon voyage' party in the El Morocco's Champagne Room in New York. The party is in celebration of Joan traveling to England via the RMS Queen Elizabeth II to film "Trog".​​
     At the party, Joan wears a pick and white print silk sheath and coat stopping two inches below her knees.​

Mid-June: Joan sails to England via the RMS Queen Elizabeth II to begin filming "Trog."

June 23: Joan arrives in England via the RMS Queen Elizabeth II  to begin filming of "Trog."​​

June 30: Filming begins on "Trog". (July 7th and 14th are also reported as dates for the filming commencement.)

Mid July: Joan becomes ill with a virus on the second week of filming "Trog" and reportedly loses 5 1/2 pounds as a result.

July/August: Joan films her narration for "Journey To The Unknown".​​ 
(Note: This is an educated guess, being this was a British production, and it's reasonable that Joan recorded this appearance while in England filming "Trog")​

August: Joan meets with Alexander Walker at her  Grosvenor House suite in London, England. Walker would later publish the book "Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Star."
     ​On the same evening, Joan entertains half a dozen managers and their wives who work at a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Beirut, Lebanon.
​(Source: "Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Star")

August 23: Joan is presented an award by the Hollywood Club Forum, along with Pee Wee King, Ryan O'Neal, Louis Haywood
​and James Shigeta. (It is not confirmed if Joan attended this award ceremony)
August 31: Joan appears on Jerry Lewis' MDA telethon.
     ​Other celebrities that appear are; Jackie Gleason, Joan Rivers, Patty Duke, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis jr., Carl Reiner, David Frost, Rodney Dangerfield, and Johnny Carson. The program runs from the evening of August 31 to 6:00 pm on September 1st.
(It is not confirmed if Joan appeared live on this broadcast, or is in a previously recorded ​appearance)

September 8: Principal filming completed on "Trog". (Joan's scenes were completed before this date)

September 19: Joan travels from New York to Marion, Illinois for a Pepsi-Cola plant opening on September 20th.
At 1:30 PM, Joan gives a press conference with Pepsi-Cola's Marion plant presidents Harry Crisp Senior, Harry Crisp junior. and Pepsi-Cola executive James B. Sommerall.
September 20:
Joan attends the opening of a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Marion, Illinois.​​
The ceremony starts at 10:30 AM. Joan wears a grey suit and matching hat.​​
     For further details and photos from this plant dedication, click here.​

September 26: Joan holds a press conference at the Commodore Perry Motor Inn in Toledo, Ohio.​​

September 27: Joan attends the dedication ceremony of the Pepsi-Cola Plant in Toledo, Ohio. The dedication begins at 10:30 AM​​​.
     For further details and photos from this plant dedication, click here.​

Late-September: Joan signs-on to star in "The Virginian" episode the "Nightmare".

October 2: Joan appears on "The Merv Griffin Show" and hosts a small fashion show.​​

October 3: An ad of Joan promoting Blackglama Furs appears in the October issue of  "Vogue".
     The photo of Joan in this ad was taken by photographer Richard Avedon​.

October 13: Joan​ commentates the Career World Fashion Show Sponsored by the Women's Advertising Club in Baltimore, Maryland.
     During her visit to Baltimore, Joan appears as a guest on Sylvia Scott's "Woman's Angle" talk show on WMAR-TV.

October 19:
Joan attends the National Association of Food Chains convention​ in Boston, Massachusetts. 

October 20 - 23: Joan attends the North American Van Lines Convention at the Fontainebleau Resort in ​Miami Beach, Florida.

October 24: Joan attends a USO luncheon at the Plaza Hotel in New York. 
     ​At the luncheon, Gypsy Rose Lee is awarded "Woman of The Year" for her service to the USO. 

October 29: Joan attends the Pepsi-Cola plant dedication ceremony in Houston, Texas.
​Accompanying Joan is Pepsi-Cola president James B. Somerall, and public relations vice president Mitchell Cox.​​

November 8: Joan appears in the series premiere of "Night Gallery" on NBC in the segment "Eyes".

November 17: Joan begins rehearsals on "The Virginian" at Universal. ​Joan resides on the Universal lot during the duration of the filming.

November 19: Filming begins on "The Virginian" episode "Nightmare.​​"

November 18:  The 50-minute documentary "Garbo", narrated by Joan, airs in America at 8PM on PBS.
​The program is produced by Fred Burnley, and written by Alexander Walker.
     ​For her appearance, Joan is paid approximately $10,000. (Source for salary: "Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Star")

December 9:
Joan acts as honorary chairman at the Manhattan chapter of Childville luncheon and fashion show at the Pierre ​​Hotel in New York.  
​The event's tickets cost $17.50 per person.

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