Unknown Date:
Joan does a voice-over trailer for Channel 13 in New York for the film series "Cinema 13". ​(Source: "Crawford: The Last Years")

Unknown Date: Joan records a series of film introductions for her 1940's dramas "Mildred Pierce", "Humoresque", "Possessed" and "Flamingo Road" for
​"​Joan Crawford Week"​​ on WNEW-TV (Channel 5) in New York. (Source: "Crawford: The Last Years")

​​January: Publicist John Springer and Australian producer, Michael Edgley, approach Joan with the offer of doing a "Legendary Ladies" tour of Australia and New Zealand. Which would essentially be a touring edition of Joan's appearance at Town Hal in April 1973.​
​​      (Bette Davis accepts Springer's offer and tours Australia and New Zealand with the stage show "An Evening With Bette Davis" in March 1975.)

February 14: Joan's daughter, Christina, marries her second husband, David Koontz.​​

February 15: Joan undergoes a 3 1/2 hours dental surgery procedure to remove her first right and left molars due to periodontal disease.

March 23: For her birthday Joan has dinner at "21" in New York. ​​She later tells a friend this was the first time in a year that she had been to the restaurant.
​For the occasion, she wears a short wig with white streaks in it over her own salt & pepper hair.

May: Joan is named "Mother of The Year" by the National Association of Greeting Card Publishers in recognition of the "love and understanding she showered" on her four adopted children.
     ​In accepting the honor, Joan said she was "delighted and honored to receive the association's special award."

September 1: Joan appears on the 10th annual Jerry Lewis' MDA Telethon in a previously recorded speech, which was taped on the set of "Trog" in
​the summer of 1969.​

September 16: Columnist Earl Wilson reports Joan is undergoing intensive skin treatments and ​planning to return to films.
     (Webmaster's note: no corroboration ​is available to validate this report)

Fall: Joan's Imperial House apartment is photographed for the magazine "Architectural Digest", not once but twice.
​     Joan was not happy with the original photographer's photos and requested the apartment be re-photographed by photographer, Richard Champion.​ (Source: Carleton Varney)

     Joan and her dog Princess Lotus Blossom are also photographed during the original photography session with Bettina Cirone. 
(Source: Webmaster's interviews with photographer Bettina Cirone March 2013)

October: Joan's secretary, Vivian E. Zeiger, leaves her employment.​​
November 10: It's reported Joan will appear in the  cast of a "contemporary Hollywood epic", along with; Olivia de Havllland, Ginger Rogers, Claudette Colbert and Gloria Swanson.

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