Unknown Date:
Joan does a voice-over trailer for Channel 13 in New York for the film series "Cinema 13". ​(Source: "Crawford: The Last Years")

​​January: Publicist John Springer and Australian producer, Michael Edgley, approach Joan with the offer of doing a "Legendary Ladies" tour of Australia and New Zealand. Which would essentially be a touring edition of Joan's appearance at Town Hal in April 1973.​
​​      (Bette Davis accepts Springer's offer and tours Australia and New Zealand with the stage show "An Evening With Bette Davis" in March 1975.)

February 15: Joan undergoes a 3 1/2 hours dental surgery procedure to remove her first right and left molars due to periodontal disease.

February 22: Joan watches the ABC Saturday night movie "Hustling" starring Jill Clayburg and Lee Remick. The film's screenplay is written by Joan's friend Fay Kanin, and following the film Joan writes Kanin a letter of admiration for the film. ​Fay Kanin was the playwright of "Goodbye, My Fancy," which was adapted into the 1951 film starring Joan.

March 23: For her birthday, Joan has dinner at 21 in New York. ​​She later tells a friend this was the first time in a year that she had been to the restaurant.
​For the occasion, she wears a short wig with white streaks in it over her own salt & pepper hair.

May: Joan is named "Mother of The Year" by the National Association of Greeting Card Publishers in recognition of the "love and understanding she showered" on her four adopted children.
     ​In accepting the honor, Joan said she was "delighted and honored to receive the association's special award."

Summer: Joan sees her primary doctor, Nicholas Pace, for the final time. ​

June: Joan converts a life insurance policy she had in effect since July 25th, 1932 with the Equitable Life Assurance Society into an income annuity, with a monthly dividend payment to her in the amount of $810.73. The annuity amount total is $100,214.09.
     Subsequently, over the course of the next five months, Joan converts an additional three other equitable life insurance policies she had maintained.

July/August: Joan visits the Fingers Lakes area of New York State. According to Michael Sean O'Shea, this was to be Joan's last outing.​​
(Source: Unpublished 10/13/1977 interview with Michael Sean O'Shea)​

September 1: Joan appears on the 10th annual Jerry Lewis' MDA Telethon in a previously recorded speech, which was taped on the set of "Trog" in
​the summer of 1969.​

September 16: Columnist Earl Wilson reports Joan is undergoing intensive skin treatments and ​planning to return to films.
     (Webmaster's note: no corroboration ​is available to validate this report)

September 21: Joan hosts a small cocktail party in her apartment for a few close friends.

October: Joan appears in a series of radio advertisements for "Apples and Things" ​​on KYW-Radio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
Joan's son-in-law, Jerome LaLonde, is the sales manager of the store which sales fresh fruits, cheeses and gifts on the Bethlehem Pike in Spring House, Pennsylvania.

Fall: Joan's Imperial House apartment is photographed for the magazine "Architectural Digest", not once but twice.
​     Joan was not happy with the original photographer's photos and requested the apartment be re-photographed by photographer, Richard Champion.​ (Source: Carleton Varney)

     Joan and her dog Princess Lotus Blossom are also photographed during the original photography session with Bettina Cirone. 
(Source: Webmaster's interviews with photographer Bettina Cirone March 2013)

October: Joan's secretary, Vivian E. Zeiger, leaves her employment.​​
November 10: It's reported Joan will appear in the cast of a "contemporary Hollywood epic", along with; Olivia de Havllland, Ginger Rogers, Claudette Colbert and Gloria Swanson.

December: Joan receives an anonymous telephone call threatening her life. ​​The telephone call terrifies Joan to the extent she has several new locks installed on her apartment doors, and does not leave the security of her apartment. 
    Police theorize the threat was made to Joan because of her involvement with PepsiCo, and was due to PepsiCo's recent controversial business involvements in the Soviet Union.

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