The Joan Crawford Chronicle


Joan's Imperial House apartment (22H) is featured in the March/April issue (Volume 32, No 5.) of "Architectural Digest" magazine.

March: Joan's daughter, Cynthia Jordan, divorces her husband.​​

April 2: Columnist Earl Wilson reports that Joan acquired a 37-foot cabin cruiser boat for her birthday.​​
​(In a letter dated October 5th, 1976, Joan confirms it's a rumor and she doesn't know how it began.)

June: Joan tells several friends that her apartment is being painted. Whether this was in fact true, or a tactic to avoid guests has not be confirmed. ​​

July: Artist Michael Vollbracht visits with Joan at her New York apartment. (Source: Webmaster's contact with Shaun Considine 04/27/2013)​​

September: Joan poses for portraits in her Imperial House apartment for photographer John Engstead. The photos later accompany Joan's Christmas greetings to close friends.
     ​This is Joan's final photoshoot.

September: Joan is voted to be inducted into the Motion Picture Hall Of Fame.​​

September 4: Joan sends condolences to comedian Marty Allen on the death of his wife, Lorraine "Frenchy" Allen, who passed away on September 3rd.

October 15: Joan sends a $15.00 check to the Motion Picture Hall Of Fame for her membership application.

October 28: Joan signs her Last Will & Testament.

November 28: Joan's close friend, Rosiland Russell, dies of cancer in Beverly Hills, California.​​

November 30: Joan is offended when she watches Carol Burnett spoofs Joan's performance in​​ "Torch Song" (1953) in a sketch called "Torchy Song" on her comedy variety show. Burnett reported that she had previously telephoned Joan to get an "O.K." before performing the sketch.​

December: Shaun Considine talks with Joan over the telephone.
     ​Mr. Considine reports Joan sounded very well.​​ (Source: Webmaster's contact with Shaun Considine 04/27/2013)

December: Joan begins giving away several of her personal possessions to close friends (Source: Carleton Varney)​​

December: Because of back pain, Joan orders a new, firmer mattress. Until the new mattress can be delivered, Joan places her existing mattress on the floor for added support.(Source: "Crawford: The Last Years")

Late December: Friend, Carl Johnes, visits Joan in person for the last time.
     ​Johnes finds Joan looking thinner and walking slumped-over due to back pain.
​When a grocery delivery arrives during his visit, Joan insists on carrying the bags into the kitchen herself without help​.
(Source: Crawford: The Last Years")

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