Alfred Nu Steele
Condolence Letters To Joan

Robert Aldrich (April 24th, 1959)

Dave Chasen (Chasen's restaurant in West Hollywood) (April 22nd, 1959)

Noel Coward (April 20th, 1959)

Marion Davies (April 20th, 1959)

Bob Hope (April 20th, 1959)

Walter Mack (former president of Pepsi-Cola) (Undated, 1959)

Lawrence LeSueur (Joan's cousin) (April 20th, 1959)

Reverend Frederick M. Morris (Reverend who officiated Steele's funeral at Saint Thomas Church) (May 1st, 1959)

Louella Parsons (April 20th, 1959)

Louis Rothschild (childhood friend) (April 23rd, 1959)

John Springer (publicist) (Undated 1959)

Phillip Terry (former husband) (April 20th, 1959)

Rod Amateau (director of Joan's General Electric Theater episodes) (April 24th, 1959)

Albert Ardmore (Jane Kesner Ardmore's husband) (Undated, 1959)

Douglas Fairbanks jr (former husband) (April 20th, 1959)