Photos of Alfred Steele

As a sophomore class officer at Northwestern University (1922)

As a cheerleader at Northwestern University (1922)

Northwestern University (1923)

The Interfraternity Council, Northwestern University (1923)

The Gamma Beta of Sigma Nu, Northwestern University (1922)

The R.O.T.C. Officer's Club, Northwestern University (1923)

The cast of "The Love Thief" play. Alfred was part of the play's chorus, Northwestern University (1922)

The Surkuss Solly Board, Northwestern University (1922)

The Sigma Nu Fraternity, Northwestern University (1922)

The Student Council, Northwestern University (1922)

The Sophomore Social Committee, Northwestern University (1922)

With Marjorie in The Senior Social Committee

Northwestern University (1923)

Marjorie Garvey

Northwestern University (1920)

A portrait of Alfred Nu Steele (1954)

Attending a Pepsi-Cola conference (circa mid 1950s)

With new wife, Joan Crawford, Las Vegas, Nevada (May 10th, 1955)

Alfred's 55th birthday party, held at the 21 Club in Manhattan, New York (April 22nd, 1956)

Arriving in Wilmington, Delaware to attend a Pepsi-Cola stockholder's meeting (May 1st, 1957)

With Bob Hope at a Pepsi-Cola sponsored golf tournament (1958)

Watching on as Joan is interviewed during a press conference in Cincinnati, Ohio (December 1958)

Joan and Alfred in their shared office of the 70th Street apartment, Manhattan, New York (1958)

Joan and Alfred being interviewed for television in Albany, New York (April 1959)

Alfred's son, "Sonny," who has a striking physical similarity to his father:

Joan and Alfred in Las Vegas, Nevada (1958)

Joan and Alfred presenting Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy with an award on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Society (April 17th, 1959)

Joan arriving to Alfred's funeral at Saint Thomas Church in Manhattan, New York (April 22nd, 1959)

The onlookers in front of Saint Thomas Church in Manhattan, New York (April 22nd, 1959)

Alfred's casket being taken down the front steps of Saint Thomas Church in Manhattan, New York (April 22nd, 1959)

Alfred Nu Steele 1954 (Photographer: Fabian Bachrach)

A signed photo of Alfred Steele to his massage therapist, Gunnar Ohberg:

"To my best guarantee for longevity, with affection, Al Steele"

(Circa early 1950s by Dixie Renolds)

(From the collection of this Webmaster)

Alfred being interviewed in Albany, New York (April 1959)