“Joan Crawford Likes Simplicity”
Carleton Varney (September 16th, 1970)

     Joan Crawford likes simplicity, and her home reflects this preference.
Decorating for the actress, who won an Oscar for her role in “Mildred Pierce,” is fun and an extremely interesting experience.
I should say that I decorate with her – not for her – as Joan has her own ideas on living and style.
     Clean white was used for the wall color in all the rooms of Miss Crawford’s 11-room New York apartment, except the bedroom and dressing room which were painted pale pink. Baseboards throughout the apartment are all black for practicality and weight, and ceiling are all pure white.

     Joan likes friendly colors, and her apartment is filled of not only color but also children, pets and friends.
The dining room, generally used for entertaining six people at dinner, has a bright yellow lacquer Parsons table.
A yellow felt cloth has been made as a permanent cover for the table to prevent scratches and chipping of the lacquer finish.
The felt is good looking and practical, and the dining room is easily set as a board room if the occasion arises, for Miss Crawford is a business executive as well as an actress.
     The floor in the star’s dining room has a rich walnut stain – no carpeting or rugs. The stained black ebony framed dining chairs, with seats and backs covered in rich lettuce green and white glove soft vinyl, lend a striking note. Joan always alternates the colors of her chairs. A white upholstered chair is always balanced by lettuce green covered chairs on each side.

     Over drapery in Miss Crawford’s dining room is cotton in a design called “Whispering Ivanhoe” – lettuce green and emerald green wind-blown branches on a white background. Under curtains is a washable white casement fabric.
     For lighting, Joan uses white plaster palm tree torchieres at each corner of the dining room. The plaster palm trees throw light onto the ceiling, and at night with lighted candles in silver holders, the setting is intimate, warm and extremely inviting.