Betty Barker
Letters To Others

A copy of the book "The Man in Lincoln's Nose" which was gifted to Douglas Fairbanks Jr. by Betty Barker

An undated greeting card to a man named Greg from Betty Barker

A December 28th, 1955 letter to actor Bill Seay from Betty Barker

A series of correspondence between Franciso Hiciano and Betty Barker (September 25th, 2003 - May 17th, 2004)

(These letters are courtesy of Mr. Hiciano)

The second page (the verso) of the below letter is not included

Betty Barker Letter to Hedda Hopper in regard to Roby Heard's Crawford article series in "The Los Angeles Mirror" (dated May 28th, 1954)

Betty Barker "thank you" letter to George Cukor regarding Joan's memorial service (June 30th, 1977)

A mailgram from Betty Barker to Joan's friend, Peter Neumann (November 11th, 1975)