Debunking the August 11, 1962 Joan Crawford Letter

Did Joan Crawford write this August 11, 1962 letter to Robert Aldrich?

The answer is: No

The Origin of the Fake Letter

     This letter originated on this website's Facebook page in 2014. It was one in a series of five fake Joan Crawford letters that were created by THIS WEBMASTER strictly as satire humor for Crawford fans. The Facebook post explicitly stated that the letters were fake, however, this letter was saved and shared by other people on various social media platforms. I made two mistakes in creating these satire letters. The first mistake was creating them in the first place. The second mistake was not placing a caption on the letters themselves to indicate they were fake.

     Ultimately, actress Carrie Fisher came upon this fake letter and posted it to her own Twitter profile. Once this occurred, the fake letter went viral, and has since become a common element attached to Joan, and was even referenced in the 2017 FX series "Feud: Bette & Joan" However, it is 100% FAKE


     The creation and online sharing of this letter was an enormous mistake on my part, and I sincerely apologize.

     The same signature (which is actually a secretarial signature, and not Joan's real signature) was also used as a fun way of sharing Joan's recipes with followers of the Facebook page, as depicted in this July 16, 2014 Facebook post by this website.

(This fake Joan Crawford letter was created as satire humor by this Webmaster in 2014)

(As exhibited above, the same signature was also used by this Webmaster as a fun touch to sharing Joan's recipes)