Joan Crawford Bank Checks

Listed here in chronological order are blank and cancelled checks from Joan's various bank accounts.

Check transparency for $13,500.00 (dated November 2nd, 1954) to Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc (Purchase of film rights to "Queen Bee")

A blank check and transparency for Joan's "Master Account" at Marine Midland Bank

A blank check for Joan's "Tax Account" at Marine Midland Bank

Check transparency for $100.00 (dated March 26th, 1969) to the Catholic Actors Guild of America, Inc. for the sponsorship of a dinner

Canceled check to Joan for $10,000 (dated January 6th, 1975) from the Warner Bros. "Settlement Account"

Canceled check to Joan for $15.00 (dated March 17th, 1976) from the William Morris Agency

Check transparency for $27.00 (dated August 11th, 1976) to Silver Gleem Corp

Check for $15.00 (dated October, 15th, 1976) for membership dues to the Motion Picture Hall of Fame

A batch of check transparencies for various checks Joan wrote in 1976

A tax withholding certificate to Twentieth Century Fox, dated August 29th, 1972