"I Saw What You Did"

Film Details:
Character name: Amy Nelson
Other actresses considered for the role: Grayson Hall (Originally slated for the role)
Salary for the film: $50,000.00
Released by: Universal Pictures
Release date: July 21, 1965 (National)

Director: William Castle
Author/Screenwriter: Ursula Curtiss (Novel "Out Of The Dark")

William P. McGivern (Screenplay)

Principal Cast:
John Ireland - "Steve Marak"
Joan Crawford - "Amy Nelson"
Andi Garrett - "Libby Mannering"
Sara Lane - "Kit Austin"
Sharyl Locke - "Tess Mannering"
Leif Erickson - "Dave Mannering"
Joyce Meadows - "Judith Marak"

Film Synopsis:
During a slumber party, three young girls make crank telephone calls to strangers.
They mistakenly call a man who has just murdered his wife and disposed of her body and
whispers "I saw what you did, and I know who you are."

Production Details:
Following Joan's termination from the film "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" in August 1964, "I Saw What You Did" was her first appearance in a film. Upon signing her contract for the film on September 29th, 1964, Joan supplied producer William Castle with paperwork from her doctors documenting her complete recovery from her ailment. For her services, Joan received $50,000.00 and top billing on promotional material.

Grayson Hall was reportedly promised the role of "Amy Nelson" before Joan accepted it.

The film's original title was "In Case Of Murder."

"I Saw What You Did" was the first of a new five-film contract William Castle made with Universal.

Pre-production arraignments began in July 1964 upon Castle's completion of "The Night Walker."

William Castle's original choices for the two elder teenage girls were United Artist actresses Merrie Spaeth and Amy Walker.

Production Timeline:
September 29th: Joan signs her contract for the film.

October 27: Principal photography begins on the Universal Studios lot in Universal City, California.

November 3rd-6th: Joan films all of her scenes for the film.

Late-February, 1965: William Castle traveled to New York to screen the finished film to Universal Pictures executives.

July 21st, 1965: Joan and co-stars Andi Garrett and Sarah Lane made personal appearances at 15 theaters in New York.

Screenings & Release:
May 14th-18th, 1965: Advanced screenings at the State Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Paramount Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota.
June 24th-27th, 1965: Advanced screening in Florida.
July 12th - 20th, 1965: Special promotional screenings are held in five cities; St. Louis, Missouri (July 12th), Cleveland, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio. The special screenings are attended by William Castle and Sarah Lane (one of the film's teenaged actresses).
July 21st, 1965: Released nationally.
August 2nd, 1965: Screening at the Taormina Film Festival in Sicily, Italy. Joan attended this screening.

Box Office:
$11,165.00 (4-day run, advanced screening, May 14th - 18th, 1965) State Theater, Paramount Theater - Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.
$20,809.00 (3-day run, advanced screening, June 24th-27th, 1965) 4 theaters - Florida.
$211,000.00 (5-day run, Opening week, July 21st, 1965) 28 theaters - New York (Including New Jersey, Eastern Long Island).
$4,000.00 (Fifth week, August 11th, 1965) RKO Albee Theater - Brooklyn, New York.
$5,500.00 (Opening week, August 11th, 1965) Crown Theater - San Francisco, California.
$4,500.00 (Week of August 11th, 1965) Art Cinema Theater - Providence, Rhode Island.