For Sale: Joan Crawford-Owned Drawing

An experienced private collector is selling this artist's rendition of Joan Crawford, which once belonged to Joan. "The Concluding Chapter of Crawford" has authenticated this item's provenance as once belonging to Joan. The owner of this item is currently taking offers from interested buyers.

The drawing is dated "6-12-61" in the lower left-hand corner. It is signed "Estrella R." in the lower right-hand corner.

The measurements of the drawing are: 16 inches in width, 20 inches in length.
The drawing comes framed, and the measurements with the frame are: 25 inches in width, 29 inches in length.

Those who are interested in this piece, please email me at the blow email address and include your offer. Your email address, name and offer will be forwarded to the private collector who is selling this item.

(Note: "The Concluding Chapter of Crawford" is not the seller of this item, and receives no commission or compensation from its sale. This item, and its details, are displayed here as a service to Joan Crawford fans.)