2 East 70th Street
New York, New York
(The "Fifth Avenue" Apartment)

Joan's Residency
     Joan and husband, Alfred Steele, began construction on this apartment in 1956, with it being completed in 1957. Consuming two apartments in the building, Joan and Steele removed several walls making fourteen rooms into seven large rooms on the 12th and 13th floors of the apartment building.
Joan hired her long-time friend, former actor William Haines, to decorate the apartment. (Source: "My Way of Life")
Joan sold this apartment in June 1968, and fully moved from it in late October 1968 into apartment 22G in Imperial House.

Property History

     The apartment building at 2 East 70th street was built in 1928, and designed by architect, Rosario Candela.

Interior photos of the "Fifth Avenue" apartment

These photos were taken in 1967, and were later featured in Joan's autobiography "My Way of life" in 1971

Contemporary photo of the exterior of the apartment building
Joan's apartment was located on the top two floors

Sales material for the apartment building circa 1930s