Construction on the Imperial House apartment building began in 1959, and was completed in 1961.
     The 30-floor building housed 350 apartments and professional offices upon opening in 1960.

          The exterior of the building and it's structure was ​designed by architects Emery Roth & Sons.
     ​The interior and the grounds was designed by The Raymond Loewy Group.

           Joan Crawford lived in this apartment building from the fall of 1968 until her death on May 10th 1977.​​

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The Imperial House lobby (Circa early 1960s)
Vintage sales material for the Imperial House building (Circa 1961).
The last photo is of the building's architect Raymond Loewy with a scale model of the building (Circa 1959) ​

​​​Imperial House Apartment Building
150 East 69th Street New York, New York​​
Contemporary photos of the Imperial House lobby and garden (May 2017)