• Joan's Residency
     It has been widely reported that this apartment was rented or owned by Joan Crawford, however, that is not accurate.
This apartment was rented long-term by Joan's California secretary Betty Barker and this apartment was Barker' residence and office for many years, including the years following Joan's death.​ Prior to this apartment, Betty Barker lived in an apartment located at 4914 E. Fountain Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

     Joan used Betty Barker's address primarily for fan correspondence following Crawford's move to New York in the mid-1950s as so that she could be easily forwarded the her fan mail regardless of her location.

  • Property History
     The eight unit apartment building was built in 1954 and is a total of 5,350 square feet.

     In the 90s, the building began to fall into disrepair and was ultimately ​​uninhabited in the early-2000s.
     In September 2004, the building was purchased by a rental investment company for $1,199,000, and completely renovated in 2014.

     Two apartment units are two bedroom, one bathroom. Six units are one bedroom, one bathroom.

     Betty Barker's apartment was unit #1 in the bottom front. The apartment was 840 square feet with two bedrooms and 1 bathroom.​​
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The building as it appeared in the early 2000s
The building interior and exterior following it's 2014 renovation (Photos courtesy of the building's owner)

Blueprints and pricing guide of the building following it's 2014 renovation

​​​8008 West Norton Avenue
​West Hollywood, California